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How Humans Are Becoming Addicted and Feel Obliged To Use Social Media

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Wordcount: 2189 words Published: 18th May 2020

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How Humans Are Becoming Addicted and Feel Obliged To Use Social Media

During my research i have found out that in 2019 in our era of smartphones and social media, it seems nearly everyone suffers from an overload communication and that people have a desire to be and go through social media whether it is instagram, snapchat, facebook, email, etc. Less than 15 years ago, most netizens in the world had just one email accounts and that mobile phones were primarily used to make just phone calls.Today, it’s common for people to manage several social media profiles. One recent estimate claimed the average internet user has seven social media accounts whether it is Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, one or more email accounts, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. nowadays big mobile phones have been replaced by pocket touchscreen that constantly buzz notifications, pulling their owners away from face-to-face encounters with other human beings into a constantly social networking. It is okay to using social media and communication but it is how we use it.

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Three billion people, around 40% of the world’s population, from mashable in an 2016 survey, use online social media and we’re spending an average of two hours every day sharing, liking, and maybe tweeting to certain people, according to some reports. This means that it breaks down to around half a million tweets and Snapchat photos shared every minute worldwide. Now if half a million tweets are being sent round each minute that means 720,000,000 tweets and notifications are going each day

In a more recent reliable survey the rates of people using social media worldwide has shot up rapidly, showing that many more people are getting ‘hooked’ onto the statement that more people are getting addicted to using social media.

We are in a day and age where everyone uses social media even babies or young children. Just the other day on the bus I saw a 3/4 year old on his mother’s phone fully operating it just like a proper adult I mean I was just astonished? We are getting drawn in to all of these products and gadgets. And this is not safe for us.

One way social media is very bad for us as it quite dangerous if we do not know how to use it  properly. Teenagers aren’t thinking truly about anything, but the attention they receive today is amazing how each person with a following around at an average is between 1000 to 5000 on instagram alone. There are three main questions for them to answer and think about before posting something on a social media domain.

Would you personally be comfortable with a future boss or the Principal of your school seeing it? This is a very important key feature nowadays as many jobs and workplaces go through the employees social media to look for exploits and reasons why they shouldn’t hire them especially if it can backfire on the company or enterprise.

Are you okay with any of your family member seeing this?

Can any person that doesn’t like you use it against you?

It’s tough for people especially young people to not compare our lives with one another when everything is posted online. For teens mainly, social media quickly becomes a show, a place for them to make their life look more exciting than others whether it may be boys or girls. It’s about creating an image, a public way of showing off. The problem is that it creates a subtle powerful form of lying.Those are two of the most important things teenagers are rapidly developing. Focusing on creating fantasy. Teenagers, especially girls, find out quickly that their newly discover sexuality can be used for attention/manipulation against others. On social media, we are in a place within a place, a world within a world. It’s easy for anyone to shut ourselves off from interaction because we believe our interaction online is enough. It’s easy to not see people all day, but rather see them online.

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In a recent paper written by Dr. Kuss explained and showed that social media use for younger individuals is associated with a number problems such as; psychological problems, including anxiety, depression, loneliness,ADHDD, and addiction. Because social media is most frequently accessed via smartphones, their usage is constantly being used and the users fingers becoming intertwined making them fall into the trap and making them hooked creating themselves to excessively check their phones, which often derives from what is commonly labelled as the ‘fear of missing out

Another way social media is quite bad for us is our mental health. People today are saying that social media is an illness/a disease. It can cause an amount of serious harm to some people. For us it can cause stress, mood, anxiety, depression, can make you sleep less, it is very addictive for us we are spending too much time trying to think of something to post or go through others posts, it might lower or increase a person’s self-esteem and it causes people to be envious. Some people in the world will take it too far and it they are getting bullied or harmed in such a way they resort to self harm. It is not right for us to resort in such a way of communication that will affect others physical state.

Finally social media creates less communication between people. It makes us communicate less within our community.  Since it has become more common to use social media, social media has made people have a tendency to want to interact with people online rather than in person because it has made the process simpler. A simpler process allows for things to be done easier and more efficiently, which attracts people to give it a try. Although it may be viewed as a positive change, this has caused people to become more antisocial than ever before. Most people would say People used to need to go out with their friends to find out about their lives but now they can find out from their computer screen without any real human contact or conversation. People no longer need to be able to communicate properly with others due to the fact that the internet is doing it for them. And also the ability to use   phones to check social media sights has turned places like coffee shops into non social areas. Instead of approaching people to be entertained in new situations people are just pulling out their phones and checking their social media so that they can feel connected to others without actually being connected to others.

But on the other hand social media is not all bad, nowadays  people with social media has more access to information than they’ve ever had before. And not only access, but quicker access anyone with a mobile device  or tablet you can search for virtually any information they need at any time. You could send information to anyone across the globe in an instant. Social media is a very easy way to send across something to many people without using the time and effort. It could help with businesses and also it social media can easily help with problems quickly without any delay.

In conclusion social media can have quite a negative effect on us as people,it is making a huge amount of people addicted and hooked onto the craze of using social media and it causes us to communicate less, it can affect our mental health and also it is dangerous for us if we are doing things, talking to strangers, allowing anyone to follow us to gain a increase in followers. It is making a community non social and it will affect us later on maybe even worse.



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