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Privacy Issues in Electronic Media

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The beginning of the 21st century was dominated by extraordinary development of electronic media. Electronic Media encompasses all aspects of digital video production for traditional broadcast and cable television, as well as for distribution formats such as CD, DVD and the Internet (Kutztown, No Date).

Electronic medias are used in all over the world. At once electronic medias’ were luxury items but in the modern world everyone use electronic medias.

Privacy means someone may want to keep some aspect of his life or behavior private simply because it would be embarrassing for other people to know about it (James, R. , 1975) The term of privacy is used in every scenario as well as in political, defense, legal and media. Privacy is important for many things in day to day life. People have to face consequence due to hot having privacy. Man can be debilitated due to not having any restrictions on the public access. When considering about the privacy of electronic media communication every service provider or company must have their own messaging policies. If the company not follow the guidelines of the electronic media communication policy the transmitted data may be at a risk.

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Electronic communication channels are more secured with the newest technologies, but someone use this technologies itself to listen the electronic talks. Some developed states use government acts to protect the privacy of the people, as an example the subscriber of the cable television protected from unauthorized use of personal information gathering by the cable operations. Most of the countries prohibited the security cameras placed in private areas The places obliviously Inside the ATMs, office breach rooms and locker rooms are the prohibited places to use hidden cameras. More than thirty countries absolutely prohibited unauthorized filming by using hidden cameras without preference of the persons.

Truthfulness and accuracy is one of the common code of electronic medias’ ethics and the reporters of the electronic medias are expected to report accurate and correct news to the public. Incorrect content may create misunderstandings and security problems, thus causing many problems after the publishing

A speak falsely about someone or damaging the person reputation it called as slander A variety of modern technologies available to tracking appropriate use of electronic communication devices however, the companies must review information that they going to publish and also Content of information provided by the reporters must be fair.

Details of suspects and plaintiffs are published in electronic media daily which is not ethical. If the plaintiff or the suspect found innocent after investigation it is very difficult to change the attitude of the society. New regulations shall be implemented to restrict these information published before investigations are completed. Imitating characters of popular persons in films has an ethical issue. These imitations shall be minimized or characters shall be re structured so that real character will not be highlighted.

News reporters be careful about the individuals privacy when given publicity for the news. When publishing news concerning suicide and attempted suicide particularly consider about the feelings and relatives of the peoples. And also report possible considerations for victims of murder or accident. The news reporters do not emphasize the nationality religion or gender in the case of persons. Some of the local television channels broadcasting violence scenes with the movies and TV dramas. This is a grate negative effect on young people, young people try to react as same in the home.

During the north and east war many brutal incidents were directly brought to the living rooms through the electronic media. These aggressive scenes may loose the peaceful mentality of people. In many electronic media telecast action films and war films are being telecasted and many of the children are addicted to these films. This is harmful to the mental health of children. This will cause social and emotional problem that will lead into adulthood.

Photography is a language of visual understanding of the people Images and videos can catch the grate truths of the peoples places and much more.

Public electronic media such as television and radio shall not be used for racism. Electronic media has a responsibility to give true news to the country, but as a professional media the news which published shall not create any racism among people of different races. And also these news shall not violate the rights of all races who live in Sri Lanka. Public media is treated as a professional business . And also this electronic media has a capacity of changing the attitudes and beliefs of people. Professional electronic media has a responsibility by the society. All the electronic medias have a competition among each other media. But the professional qualities of any media shall not be neglected.

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When international games are played specially foot ball and cricket, Many officials are used to watch the Television. Owing to this situation many works in the offices are delayed. This practice cannot be stopped but as a solution executive officers can implement a system for officers to watch the television during the lunch time only. This will enable to minimize the negligence of the work at office.

Using the office telephones during working hours for personal matters is another expenditure and this practice must be limited.

Electronic Media Law and Regulation is an overview of the major legal and regulatory issues facing broadcasting, cable, and developing media. It enables current and prospective electronic media professionals to easily understand the complex and intimidating realm of law and regulation by presenting information from major cases, rules, regulations, and legal documents in a concise and readable manner )

The cable TV industry had faced many legal issues including customer service complains programming and rate regulations and lack of competition. CableTelevisionConsumer ProtectionandCompetitionActof1992 was introduced in America. According to this law requires cablesystemstocarrymostlocalbroadcastchannelsandprohibitedcableoperatorsfromcharginglocalbroadcasterstocarrytheirsignal.

In 1990 Federal communication commission (FCC) introduced elimination time guideline for the children television programs (Electronic Media and Regulations,2013). But this time guideline was applied by the ACT (Action For Children Television) and the court appeals remanded to the FCC. According to that act restrict the advertising during the children programs and encourage the broadcasters to telecast educational and informational programs at least 3 hours per week.


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