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Discovery And Invention Of Some Areas Of Knowledge

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Wordcount: 1452 words Published: 3rd May 2017

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Discovery and invention are two separate edges to a discussion. It is complicated to show the interrelation between the two because they do not have the same meaning. It can be said that something that exists from past but not being uncovered is a discovery. But when something new is been created to meet certain requirements are known as an invention.

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Reflecting back on the question my focus is to discuss the claim that some areas of knowledge such as natural science, ethics and mathematics are discovered and others are invented. By working on this claim will give me an opportunity to attempt and try exploring the world from a different prospective. In order to demonstrate the vision which claims that some areas of knowledge are discovered and others are invented can be processed by showing relevant evidence. This can be acknowledged by focusing on different areas of knowledge and creating a bond between them. This can be shown by illustrating different examples from different areas of knowledge. I am aiming to look at this essay through the lens of natural science, ethics and mathematics knowing that this claim would be well supported in two of the three areas of knowledge. There is a probability that one might not come to a final conclusion in some one statements below.

Natural Science, an area of knowledge that is more discovered then invented. With time there have been many discoveries and to sustain such phenomena there have been inventions. This can be illustrated with the discovery and invention of the periodic table. According to me being a Chemistry HL student have a strong claim that natural science is almost discovered but on the contrary one can state that in today’s world it’s all about inventions making life faster. When looking at the formation of periodic table I think, all the elements existed always and still there are many elements that are existing but are not discovered yet. As a result the elements, compounds and the properties are all being discovered with experiments and tests. Although looking at the inventions, all the 2D and 3D models created using graphic programmers and other high technology are major inventions. To explain this situation it can be stated that. These inventions of models have made the understanding of the molecules easier and even thought they do not exist still this can be used as a beneficial visual technique. It is much easier to visual the concept in this it can be stated that sense perception comes in role. This is how ones understanding is impacted. However in the world of science there are always exceptions, somehow there are lines drawn when a certain existence cannot be classified as a discovery or invention. For example, a hypothesis can be said as phenomenon created by the human body according to the information they were aware of, it is an imagination and creativity from a scientist’s brain. But theories with no proof cannot directly be considered inventions or a discovery. But my personal view is that one should not attain a biased view, rather look at the theories existing as either a discovery or invention. I hold a balance view for the rules stating that with natural science it is not that easy to group this area of knowledge being either completely about discoveries or inventions. Also looking at gravity, for example gravitation was when Newton thought of what made the apple fall on the ground. The thoughts as that gravity existed since this world, therefore this could just be considered as an discovery of gravity and the invention here was conversely the formula stating F= m x g. this is said to be an inventions which was created though many other phenomenon’s being involved in the understanding of the concept. According to me natural science can be associated more with discovery compare to invention.

With natural science on the other extreme we have the ethics as an area of knowledge. Ethics is unique in itself. This is because I believe that ethics can be considered both discovery as well as invention at the same moment. This depends on the justification of the person and how he or she looks forward to the actual scenario. Ethics is a way to justify whether something is considered to be right or wrong. In order to balance my judgment can be influenced by many factors such as religious belief, use of laws and being ethical by following standards of behavior existing in our society. Of writing down or codifying things that most people agree are principles of good behavior. This cannot be evaluated whether or not is ethics considered to be either invention or discovery. Like, natural sciences even in this the same phenomenon comes in place. As stated above, that ethics as well is discovered more than invented. This is because when assessed it is a way in which certain things are designed to be done, to maintain some order in the world and have peace. Personally I consider that ethics are invented. This is because we people living in the community knowing the situations make decisions considering them right or wrong. For example, some ethical values are considered to be invented, for example business ethics, people created this in order to make the community well controlled and attain certain standards. I believe ethics and moral values are created my human. But there is a counter argument to this claim. This is because, there is some evidence that ethics exists within us. This is not any concept to be invented but this is an area of knowledge that one person discovers with their personal experience or because of their parents. It has been in our life since we are born. Looking into a situation as we are told that stealing is wrong and this was discovered by us as children, when our parents scolded us for the first time we did this. This made us be aware of the consequences and ethical implications. Our parents play an important role making us understand the importance and ethical values. We are been taught since we are young. Ethics are being built within us tenaciously. Hence this makes it a discovery. This is because the values existed and differed in different cultures but were later achieved with time. Therefore to conclude ethics one can realize that like natural science there are some inventions made such as having various ethics to follow at different situations. Also I strongly believe that Ethics is more a discovery then invention but depending on the personal reflection.

Lastly mathematics is an area of knowledge with many inventions to help support the discoveries made with all the theories and formulas. Final correlation is shown between natural science, ethics and mathematics. These are three different extremes in areas of knowledge. It has been debated for a long time whether or not math is discovered or invented and according to me I believe it’s both to a certain extent. It can exclaimed that mathematics is a discovery and all the formulas existed they were just needed to be discovered. Or it can be articulated as simple inventions by great mathematicians putting their soul into the argument. This is a question of reflects both sides of the spectrum. Because people can either believe that mathematical truth is pure discovery with time or invention with requirements and need. I believe some laws in moths are universal facts which remain the same forever. But even if math’s is considered as pure discovery there are some areas which are invented. For example, if we take at a look at complex numbers. They are divided into real numbers and imagery numbers. It is said that invents are made to make the discoveries easier and self explanatory. Therefore the mathematician invented a term called imagery numbers. For example, It is been said that the square roots of negative numbers was invented by Heron of Alexandria whereas there formulas of roots or third degree polynomials were discovered by Niccole Fontana Tartaglia (cite). Then was soon realized that real solutions did exist but as certain calculations it was required to manipulate square roots of negative numbers increasing their cause of invention leading to another discovery. This again has the same link as shown above. Even math’s can be considered highly a discovery but to support the understanding they needed to invent some theories which made the understanding and the concepts much organized and better and to an extent more reliable.

To conclude this is a wide topic with many different ideas this does not depend on how subject to knowledge are invented or discovered but the purpose behind this holds much more of an importance.


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