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Girls Who Are Dressing Very Immodestly Philosophy Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Philosophy
Wordcount: 2594 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Nowadays there are many girls who are dressing very immodestly, rude and the cloth that they wear are too expose, which they think that this is very cool and beautiful. Not because of these only reasons that they wearing not modestly, they wear it like that also because just to attract men or boys. Dressing immodestly is design to reveal and bring attention to their bodies. Dressing modestly is a kind of message of purity and honor; it is also show that the inner qualities of her are gaining appropriate attention and value from other person. It is puts a focal point and values of the inner person more than attractiveness. For those cloths which are skimpy and less clothing shows that the value of the cloth is more on the sex appeal. Skimpy clothing also will drag down the sense of value of value. There is much news about this immodestly wearing that lead too many sexual abuse and low self-esteem, and just because of these reasons, there are many rapes cases and child abuse. When there are girls or women who dress immodestly, they are trying to attract the men’s attention to go on them, and because of these reasons there are many divorce happen also.

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Divorce happens in many ways nowadays, it is not only because of the girls or women who dress immodestly, and it is also because their relationship breaking apart or they are already felt that they don’t have any feelings anymore, which they didn’t know how far they have been gone. Another majority reason that influence of divorce which is there is a cheater who lie to his/her partner so their confidence will be greatly decrease and become infidelity.

2.0 Why should the law require the women dress modestly?

2.0.1 Safety

Nowadays girls and women also should dress modestly, there are many reason to explain that dressing modestly is more benefit that dressing immodestly. First of all, dressing modestly can be very safety, girls or women may not realize that dressing like a slut or prostitute will lure predators and excites the male’s passion, enlarge the reproductive parts and that will put you into a real dangerous situation.

There are many newspaper shows that girls and women who are dressing immodestly will be murdered or raped without seeming motive. It doesn’t make any sense that to inflames the passionate of the male’s organ for any reason unless the girls or women already planned to alone with lover or husband.

2.0.2 Professionalism

When a women is dressing modestly, it will shows that a wise look like a professional lady. Even is just a student, a housewife, or others. They will show some respect and listen far more, also will carrying a certain authority. Actually they shouldn’t listen because of how is the look. There is no need to spend a lot on clothes, as long as is dressing modestly, then that will even the actual design and condition of the clothing.

2.0.3 Can keep warm

Nowadays that girls and women dressing are very immodestly, and they are easily got sneezing and cough. That’s the reason of they are getting cold and chilled. When a girl or a woman gets cold, then it will bring harmful in their health. It is not even good to gets cold; it is also will affect their physical, emotional and mental health.

2.0.4 Beauty but causes accident

The way the girls and women dresses now are very immodestly, but it is attracting for anyone else, this kind of dressing are like signaling people to look at them, how beauty they are. But while they attracting who are on the road or somewhere, the people who at the roadside or driving car will may go into the unconsciously, and may cause accident.

2.0.5 Setting good examples for others

Might lead another young girl into prostitution because girls nowadays dressing like a whore and she doesn’t know that you are just “playing”. Also you can lead others astray, and is a serious spiritual crime.

2.0.6 Sending a message of purity and honor

It puts an emphasis on and values the inner person over outward attractiveness. It says that a person is a worth far more than what meets the eye. When we dressing modestly, we are saying that we process inner qualities for which we should gain appropriate attention and value from others.

2.0.7 Self-Control

Let us understand the principles of modesty acknowledge human sexuality and the tendency toward self-promotion. It is to express them with humility. Immodestly, it can create a false sense of security and self-esteem because it puts too much emphasis on outward appearance.

2.1 People approaches

Now this also can be change, start by approaching them to dress modestly. When at home, office or school, no matter what your identity is, we also can advise them to dress decently. When in the family, we can have a discussion often. When a girl and women have a boyfriend or husband, and the girl and women wanted to shopping or going out, they should accompany them to shopping and help them with their clothing choice, so that their own security will be secure and more cases will be reduce.

Government should having a talk with the people in some place, which explain to them that dressing modestly is important and also can avoided some bad causes. Government also should provide more safety guards or sentry in public area. So that, girls and women’s security risk will be lower and they is more safety and secure. But their dressing also must be modestly.

When girls and women wearing formal wear must be very decent and professional, must avoiding short skirts. Their wearing must be conservative, if any expose of the sensitive places, and then it will give rise to the men’s sensitivity to rape them.

2.2 Ways to dress modestly

Dressing modestly is not a hard job to done; it is just that to wear the cloth which doesn’t have any leak of the body parts. Choose the pants or skirt which is longer after the knees. And the shirt will be a round neck T-shirt, so it won’t any leak of any part of the body, so when dress like that it will show you that you’re wearing will be look very modest and polite.

3.0 Divorce

Divorce is the legal separation of a man and a wife which is affected from some reason and some causes, and also have a judgment of a court. When a divorce is happened, it is means that can be refer to as dissolution of marriage and a legal action that is ending their marriage before the death of either spouse.

3.1 The rate of divorce in western countries

The rate of divorce in western countries is the statistic of dissolution of marriage, which the most percentage if divorce in western country now is Sweden. And the lowest percentage of divorce in western countries is India. Sweden got 54.9 percent of divorce rate and India only got 1.1% of divorce rate. There are 46 countries that are showing the divorce rate.

3.2 The causes of divorce

There are many causes that will affect divorce in many families. The most common divorce causes is that in their marriage, there are having an extra relationship with other people. It is many because that one of the husband or wife is tired of having each other or having an argument, so that will give rise to a divorce. Other than this, there are also maybe is misunderstanding, and without getting any explain and talk over with each other. When a misunderstanding comes, and another don’t want to hear any excuses or explanation, then the marriage are broken and will be very tough to recover back although is just a misunderstanding, it is because they don’t trust each other. Also in Sweden is having the highest rate of divorce, there may have another reason which is their law requirement to divorce.

On the other hand, one of them in the marriage may have ego, when one of them are having ego, then the marriage will be a war which will have a win-lose situation. When the losing side, already cannot withstand to losing anymore, cannot endure or tolerate with him/her, then it will causes divorce in this situation.

The causes of ego maybe is the salary of the wife are having higher income than the husband, when the income are higher than the man, then the man will felt that his own self are self-abased.

3.3 Effectiveness while divorce occurs

When a divorce happens, not only the husband and wife are having problems, the neighborhood, community, nation and family also will got special changes that turns to bad news. Even they also will have their own physical, emotional and mental problem.

3.3.1 After divorce happens in their family

Both of them are losing their faith and hope to leave between each other, it is because they are started to felling awkward. After that, they will have a broken family which will affect the children mental and their childhood in an incomplete or imperfect family. Some of their parents will choose to abandon their child into the orphanage.

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3.3.2 Neighborhood

When a divorce is happened, their neighborhood will have a first thought of bad things, and then their bad news will be spread out very fast. Then the whole family will have a bad reputation, which is also will influence other families as well. It is because the topic they gossip about will also affect their understanding of their thought so will have argument.

3.3.3 Community

The broken family will causes them harder to face the community and felt that very ashamed that they cannot handle a family with good caring. Their children will have a shadow in their thought, so that the children will be isolated, and away from other children, it is because influenced by other children. Their parents also will be very hard to find a job either, when their children having problem in school, need to be in the principal’s office, then mostly will be only one of them are going to see the principal. They will also feel embarrassment. The children will be underestimated by other children either.

3.3.4 Nation

After divorce, the nation will effect and causing a bad name to them. Their social problem will also increases, while they need to talk like before to other person will be a tough thing to do, it is because that they are used to be together already. What have they done always do it together, not only for work, even for chatting or taking care of the child, they also been together. Maybe is just only the misunderstanding, so that a marriage has been broken. While the woman is outside doing work, or going shopping with children, the safety of them is in risk.

3.3.5 Their workplace

After divorce, not only their relationship or family got problem, even with their job and workplace. It is because that after divorce, their mood are turning more bad either, they are pressurize to work, because on the normal days, they are caring each other with love, but when work with sudden divorce and without caring, they feel doesn’t enough support. So their work performance will be decreasing rapidly.

3.4 Implication to explain to social policy

After divorce, there will be sure are having problem with social policy. There are some implications to the explanation for social policy. For the most explanation that after they meet divorce is misunderstanding. They both husband and wife always didn’t trust their each other, so that they have misunderstanding. In the misunderstanding, it may have some skin contact with another person, so that husband or wife will have jealousy. And they didn’t explain, so that they didn’t think maturely so that divorce will happen.

While in the social policy, a divorce is happen is when one of them are communicating to another person with too close to another person, so that their partner will jealous and anger will comes first. To these explanations, there are some implications to solve it. Jealous are true and also can have, but first also need to hear the explanation of their partner, it may have some misunderstanding. If it is not misunderstanding, then you can choose to divorce but for that choice is not a perfect choice. Before divorce try to convince your partner, tell them that you are jealous and doesn’t like that, and do back them and prove that you can live alone without depending on them.

Other than that, in Sweden have the most percentage of divorce rate, it has 54 percent of divorce rate, the reason of Sweden have the high rate of divorce is because they see their divorce law as not so important, and they just get new one and go on. The law of their divorce is very easy to break. But then in India have the lowest rate of divorce in western countries. It is because the people in there are very less and also their law of the divorce is very discipline.

4.0 Conclusion & Recommendation

There is always solution in many ways to solve the problems. If that is no way to solve the problem, then at least sure will be having a reducing the problem’s pressure method or solution. By saying the women should be wearing modestly, while they are dressing modestly, there is much more benefits than wearing immodestly. Wearing modestly can keep your privacy and safety in a safe environment, which also can keep warm to the body.

Wearing modestly also can avoided many bad cases like rapes, murder, killed or sexual harassment. It is because in the phenomenon, boys or man are very sensitive to sex by looking only the skin of a woman. But there is not only one reason that, women are getting rapes, there more reason, in the other hand, wearing immodestly are one of the reason that will give rise to criminal cases.

Furthermore, dressing immodestly also will cause divorce. Divorce is between the husband and the wife have problem between them, both also agree to separate and live their own life. Divorce maybe good for both of their temporarily feelings, they can feel that freedom a bit, but in the meantime, they also feel that they are left something else and responsible already minimize. Actually divorce will cause many problem, conflict and awkward.

Divorce will cause their family, friends and relative a huge changes and feel that not familiar. Their parents will also not comfortable for this. For the recommendation divorce is a bad news and nothing good for divorce. In western country, there are many divorce happen, the most divorce is at Sweden. The causes of divorce rate are most high in Sweden, it is because of their laws are weak, and their management of their life is unstable.

So, divorce is a bad decision to make, if chance can be given and if the self-respect can be put down a little bit, try to talk with each other, solving the misunderstanding problem, sometimes it is just a coincidence or the natural phenomenon that both husband and wife are too long together, misunderstanding or jealousy will be more and more. Until one day, both of them will get argument. If both of them cannot solve it out, at the first time when marry, why they are being together for? It is a promise that both of them will take care of both of them and trust their partner.

5.0 Appendix

Source: Anonymous (2007) Divorce Rates Around the World, URL: http://www.darndivorce.com/divorce-rates-around-the-world/


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