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The Process Of Space Travel Philosophy Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Philosophy
Wordcount: 1459 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Firstly I think space travel is worth the time and money because with space travel we can learn more about space and what’s up there. Also with more knowledge of space we can use it to our advantage. Space travel could be dangerous but it is worth knowing some knowledge about it to know if something dangerous like a comet is coming. It could also help for us to know more about the moon and the stars.

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Secondly here are some things we could do in space that’s if were able to go back up there are learn more about the planets and what each one holds. All of the planets are in many different shapes and sizes. Like Mars for instance scientists say that it is the closest planet similar to earth. It has water just like earth does but doesn’t have enough oxygen on it for people to live on. But scientists also say that if they could get plant life on Mars that eventually people would be able to live on Mars. For now since people cant live on mars they put robots on the planet to gain information about the planet. Unlike humans robots can stay on the planet for a lot longer and get hard to reach areas on the planet that humans can’t reach. One thing that a human could do on the planet that wouldn’t require robots help would be collecting data. A human could collect samples of the planet as well getting the water percentage of the planet.

Thirdly before I start talking about the costs of space travel I will talk about some of the things you do while going into a space shuttle. When you walk in the shuttle you have to take off your shoes and you are given a special pair of isolation chamber slippers. After the shoes you are given a light blue vinyl imprinted with the Japan Aerospace exploration logo on it (JAXA). Next is the isolation chamber, a freestanding structure inside building C-5 at JAXA’s headquarters in Tsukuba Science City. If you make it to this chamber you are a top ten finalist for two openings in the Japanese astronaut corps. The people in this room are monitored by the JAXA members as well as psychiatrists to see their behaviors in the room. These are some of the things done when in a space shuttle.

If the astronauts were able to use the water on mars they could probably stay up in space a lot longer without going back to earth for supplies. How exactly expensive is space travel? Well space travel can cost up to half a billion dollars per space launch. Even with that cost per launch it is still worth it to go to space to find all the undiscovered things up there. Like I said before with the water if they could find a way to stay in space longer it would cut a lot of the costs because you wouldn’t have to make as many trips back and forth.

Space travel is important because it can let us know if anything deadly is coming.

Or it could help us learn more of when the sun is going to burn out. If the sun burns out us humans will only be able to live for a couple of days before freezing to death. As I said before NASA also wants to be able to put people in space because of over population. Just think in space there is no limit of capacity it can hold, so therefore you could fit everyone up there without a problem.

Some scientists were wondering that if you went up in space could it actually blow your mind? Well reports from the 1957 issue of Aviation Medicine 35 percent of 137 pilots interviewed said they had a strange feeling on the way up. Some of the astronauts said they felt closer to god or they had broken bonds with the terrestrial sphere. This blowing of the mind theory is also known as the breaking away theory. David Simons from NASA compared the breaking away phenomenon to the deadly raptures of the deep. The rapture of the deep is a medical condition where a diver feels calm and at peace when 100 feet below water.

This term is also known as nitrogen narcosis. Simons also said that one day this could be an astronaut going into space with this happening. Some astronauts said that even looking down at the earth spinning fast and the shuttle moving from earth so fast gives them space euphoria, which has the same meaning as the blowing of the mind theory. Some of the psychologists were nervous about the first two space walkers because they got nervous leaving the space shuttle and this made them want to go back to the space shuttle. But in most cases the astronauts were not nervous when they went out of the space shuttle without any problems.

Crash simulation is a world made up of metal and men. The place that the simulator is located is at Ohio’s transportation research center. In the research center there is a crash sled with a track going down the middle of it. The room has a bunch of engineers in it with safety goggles on. In the room there are a bunch of orange and yellow hazard lights along with the cadaver. The cadavers are dressed just like a living person would dress but only there dead.

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In a couple of hours the cadaver will be hit with a piston that will be shot with pressurized air at the seat he is sitting at. The seat is designed to create any type of crash scenario that you need to be performed. If you need to do a scenario where a car travels 65 mph into a wall you can do that. Or you can even do a scenario where the cars are crashing into each other. In a space shuttle it is a little different than normal car crash testing because almost all space landings are kind of like crash test when it has to do with space.

Next is the Gemini VII launched on December 4, 1965 it was a trip to the moon. The only thing different was that this time it was a round trip to the moon a mission that takes two weeks. This would be tough for the astronauts because they have never spent that much time in zero gravity, the old time was only 8 days compared to this one’s 12. Just to see if they could stay up in space that long they had a rehearsal where the astronauts would stay on earth but would be in a space shuttle for two weeks to see if the astronauts would be able to handle it. If they could handle it then they would be sent up into space for the two weeks to the study the moon.

The Nazis built the world’s first rocket; it was designed to deliver without leaving their home. The rocket that the Nazis built was called the V-2. The Nazis put their first strike with it on London. But anyways Dr. James henry asked David Simons a scientist if people would ever go into space and that that’s when Simons said yes and then Henry asked about a monkey going into space and Simon said well when do we start. The only problem was that hey were worried that terrible things would happen to the monkey if he was launched into space. So they said the only way to know for sure was to send a simulated pilot up there so he could launch the animal in the nose of the fast V-2 rocket. But In 1948 Albert a nine-pound monkey was the first living creature to be launched into space.

In Conclusion I have told you why space travel is important and if it’s worth it, I have also talked about mars and many other space experiments. Going into space is a very important thing because it helps us know more about what exactly space is and how it was formed. Without space travel we wouldn’t have learned about gravity, the moon, or even the planets. So you see we do need space travel and we need to continue going up into space to learn new things and discover new things. Space travel might also be expensive but in the long run the money is worth it. As I said before the earth is becoming over populated and eventually we might not have any room left. So if we could put humans in space there would be no limit on how many people it could fit. I’m also going to say that without space travel we might not be where were at today. These are just some of the many things on why space travel is important and why need it for a better future.

Personal Review

I thought packing for mars was a pretty interesting book. I thought it was going to be another boring space book but it turned out that the book wasn’t so bad. I thought it was pretty neat how they have to package the food in special sealed bags so that when it gets to space it doesn’t go all over the place. One thing that I didn’t like about the book was that it didn’t talk about going to mars all that much. One thing that was interesting but gross was the vomiting in the space helmets. Roach talked about how threatening it could be if a person were to throw up in their space helmet and I thought that was just gross. As I said before the book turned out not to be too bad.


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