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The Rates Of Incurable Diseases Have Increased Rapidly Philosophy Essay

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Wordcount: 1093 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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these diseases are sub divided into thousands of categories. Day by day as the world is growing technologically advanced, the same way more and more people are suffering from various types of dangerous diseases. Many of these diseases are so hazardous that people who are trapped in it may result into terminal illness. People suffering from such diseases often feel so much harassed that they finally decide to give up their lives or their associated members decide them to kill peacefully in order to relieve them from unbearable pain. This process of peaceful killing is termed as “Euthanasia” (Euthanasia suicide mercy-killing right-to-die physician assisted suicide living wills research). The term “Euthanasia” is in debate in almost every part of the world. The argument in many countries is that whether Euthanasia should be legalized or not. Presently, majority of the people are in favor to legalize it. But according to the social, religious and psychological view, Euthanasia should not be legalized. Euthanasia literally means a suicide, or a murder which is a crime and illegal.

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Most people often complain about their suffering and ask a doctor to help them die. And in some countries where Euthanasia is legal, doctors help millions of such people to die. Doctors play a crucial role in ending their patients’ lives. It is believed that doctors are life savior and they are given the importance equivalent to god. But do they really deserve this? A doctor’s duty is to try his or her best to save lives of the patient and encourage them to live lives happily. They do not possess any authority to snatch away the hopes from them. How can they assist their patient to die? Is that what they taught? Doctors give a wonderful excuse that by doing so they help their patients in eliminating extreme pain, but who are they to decide whether a person should live or die? Government should take strict actions against such doctors. They should not be engaged in assisting their patients to die. There are lots of researches going on to find various ways to cure incurable diseases like Cancer, Aids, Diabetes, and others.. So, being a doctor, their moral responsibility is to look for alternate methods by which they could save their patients. They should be involved in creating new hopes in them which inspire them to live; not to discourage them.

Many people argue that Euthanasia is the easiest way to escape from intolerable mental and physical torture. According to the psychological view, it is because of depression. In other words, people are tired of their suffering. It is because, not only doctors but family members too are also responsible for their hopelessness. They want to rush away from their responsibilities towards them; they do not want to perform their duties and hence decide to kill such patients by seeking professional help. In reality they are being Hippocratic in front of the society by making sophisticated excuses. They do not show the care towards such patients. And hence the patient start feeling that he or she is being burden on their family and start searching various modes to euthanize themselves.

The reason of all these is because of lack of moral support. What really needed is the motivation from the dear ones. Encouragement plays a key role in living a courageous life despite the pain. The very important things these patients need are love, care and appreciation. They should know how important it is to live a life for oneself as well as for others. One should develop a strong will power to live a happy life. Euthanizing oneself or any other family member is a dangerous crime. No matter how worst the condition is, the important thing is that all challenges must be taken in a positive manner. If everybody starts thinking in this way then it can help in motivating millions of people’s mentality and inspire them to live and make others live a life with full of respect and also provide strength to tolerate the pain.

One of the major issues why people demand for Euthanasia to be legal is because of the poor financial conditions. There are many families around the nation who cannot afford the expenses of such patients’ medical treatment; and hence decide to euthanize them. Sometimes these kinds of patients may try to commit suicide because of financial deprivation. If killing or committing suicide is illegal in the eyes of law then government should also provide certain helpful sources by which the rate of death could be controlled. Government should provide free medical insurance to such financially weak patients. In addition to this government should also build hospitals for free diagnosis and medical treatment. It is not right that just because of financial problems; one should give up and decide to kill oneself. Money should not be as important as human life. Hence, it should be saved.

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Even according to the religious point of view, Euthanasia is a crime. Nobody possesses any authority to interfere into the nature’s cycle of life and death. If the person’s birth is not in his hands, then his death also should not in his hands either. Most people in this planet believe in God. No matter whatever the religion is, in the eyes of all religions the act of euthanizing is an extreme sin. All religions teach people to give the life and not to snatch it away. And if one has faith in God, there is a possibility of miracle too. A doctor, a family member, a friend, government or any other individual, nobody in this world could decide whether to live or to die; nobody could take God’s will into his or her hand. Because one should never forget that God is watching everything. If not today, then tomorrow, whosoever is engaged in such evil deeds, he or she will be punished extremely. Hence, one should never forget that he or she is an ordinary human being and the world is governed by divine powers. Hence, no one should ever try to interfere in the universal laws.

It is very important to live life with dignity. One should gratify god for such a wonderful life and should also know to respect it. One should never devalue the importance of life because of the pain and suffering. Euthanasia is an illegal practice in many countries. In order to reduce the rate of Euthanasia, there is a need of public awareness about the importance of life, government’s financial support to terminally ill patients, and building self-confidence in such patients.


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