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Utilitarian Arguments For Thesis Statement

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From our point of view, we agree that the procedures of women undergo scalpel is not morally justified. Therefore, people have no right to undergo scalpel even it is because of the beauty demanded by society.

Utilitarian Arguments for Thesis Statement

Utilitarian approach has proven that the procedures of women undergoing scalpel is not morally justified. This is because according to Act-Utilitarianism, an action is right only if the action produces more pleasure than pain for all parties. More important, it is not depending on the rules of morality that govern the action. We cannot deny that scalpel can make women prettier and more attractive. Therefore, it is definitely will produce more pleasure than pain for the women. However, this situation is only happen in the short run. Let look into the long run, if more and more women are undergoing scalpel, it will affect the perceptions about beauty in society. This is because everyone now is perfect like a doll and women who not undergoing scalpel will automatically considered as “ugly”. As a result, everyone will have a mindset that women must undergo scalpel then only can be considered a pretty woman. Moreover, scalpel may lead to several side effects and health issues in the future. The side effects and health issues caused by scalpel may become a burden to the women, her family as well as society. This is because the cost of these issues is mainly bear by the society. At that time, it is more pain than pleasure for everyone. This is because the consequences may not easily be recovered and it is impossible to return to the original state.

Health Risks – We begin with the most obvious of risks. Call it reconstructive, cosmetic, or plastic—it is still surgery. People have risked and lost their lives and limbs, and suffered devastating disfigurement and scarring as a result of plastic surgery gone wrong. The worst outcomes are rare, but risk is nonetheless a reality.

As quoted by (Natalie Kita, March 9,2009)

By applying the Rule-utilitarianism, we have noticed that another point of view that supports our thesis statement. According to the Rule-utilitarianism, the action which means that follow the rules that general acceptance and produce the greatest balance of happiness is right. We all know that the outlook of one person is a present from God and we cannot overtake God to decide one’s person outlook by undergoing scalpel. Although there are no rules and acts states that people undergo scalpel in search of beauty is prohibited and illegal. The rules of general acceptance are that no one can overtake God to decide our outlook by undergoing scalpel. Therefore, scalpel is not morally justified action. If the society continues this trend of scalpel, it may create several negative consequences from health risks to psychological and social. The health risk may include infection, tissue death, pneumonia, delayed healing and so on. The psychological and social risks may include the potential of inadequate of correction such as one may still feel “ugly” after scalpel. Based on the impacts, we can conclude that undergoing scalpel in search of beauty will create more harm than good.

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Utilitarian Arguments for Antithesis Statement

Nowadays, social networks like Facebook has fundamentally changed the way people communicate and discover new things. Many people like to share their live with their friends or even a stranger. Therefore, these people start to demand a beauty appearance so that they can proudly share their photo or portrait online. In addition, people especially women start to level up their demand about beauty. They always want to become as pretty as some celebrity. Therefore, the only way for them to achieve this dream is by undergoing scalpel. For them, it is totally a moral justified behavior because they think that they have the right to decide their own appearance in order to fulfill the wants as well as the demand of beauty by the society. By virtue of hedonism, women undergoing scalpel is nothing wrong. Hedonism is the theory which emphasizes on pleasure and the absence of pain and therefore only the pleasure is ultimately good. For example, women can undergo scalpel in order to search for beauty appearance so that they can fulfill their dream and demand of the society. This is because a beauty appearance can brings pleasure to them.

“People from all over the world come to have their noses tweaked, chins thinned and fat removed and occasionally grafted onto another part of their face. It’s not just a female thing — males make up at least 30 percent of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic’s patients. JK Plastic Surgery Clinic’s foreign patients account for about 40 to 50 percent of the total number of patients. Of the foreign patients, Chinese make up about 70 percent.”

As quoted by (Violet Kim, August 9, 2012)

This statement shows that it is morally justified and people have the right to undergo scalpel even a man. This is because scalpel is widely accepted all around the world and receive general acceptance from the society. In other words, nowadays, it is a pleasure to have a beautiful appearance after undergoing scalpel. Besides that, it is also legal for the doctor to help people undergo scalpel. Some countries like China and Korea even allowed doctor to advertise their profession and skills in scalpel and this mean it is legal and morally justified. According to Act-Utilitarianism, scalpel is right since it produces the greatest balance of pleasure over pain for the society. This is because beautiful appearance of one person can create happiness for themselves or even the people around them. Moreover, it also create job opportunities for doctor who running scalpel business. Finally, everyone is happy with this activity and thus it produces the greatest balance of pleasure over pain for all parties.

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First, there is no specific biblical prohibition against changing the appearance of our physical bodies. Second, we do not consider other means to improve our outward appearance unethical. For example, few would argue that all forms of makeup, grooming, and fashionable clothing are intrinsically immoral behaviors. In short, the freedom we have in Christ along with the guidance of our own conscience should lead us regarding behaviors that are not specifically prohibited. For this reason, I can find no reason to find cosmetic surgery intrinsically immoral.

As quoted from (Richard J. Poupard, 2010)

This statement explains that scalpel is as normal as grooming and fashionable clothing. Therefore, women undergo scalpel in order to search for beauty is a morally justified action. According to Rule-Utilitarianism, it is also right if it conform to a set of rules the general acceptances of which will produce the greatest balance of pleasure over pain for everyone. For example, there are people who undergo scalpel to correct their skin which damaged by fire is a pleasure for them and their family as well.


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