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Water And The Effects On The Human Body

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Wordcount: 1810 words Published: 24th Apr 2017

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Water covered 70% of the earth surface and it is colorless, tasteless and odorless liquid. Water consists of physical and chemical properties. H2O is the chemical formula for water and its formula are one oxygen and two hydrogen. Water is the only natural substance that found in liquid, solid and gas. The boiling point for water is 100°C, however the freezing point is 0°C. H2O is a necessity for all living things, every living thing on earth need water to survive and it helps human in certain ways. Example like digestion, respiration and etc. Human bodies are made up of 60-65% of water and so water plays an important role to us in our life. The aim of this report is investigate will 8 glasses of water a day gave a better life to people? This study draws on information gathered from various Malaysian and international articles, journals, and World Wide Web sites.

Figure 1: Drinking water

2.0 Advantages of drinking water

Water is a necessity for all living things in this world and human could only survive in three days without drinking water so it plays an important role throughout our life. Drinking more water not just makes us healthier but to make sure all our organs in our body work smoothly.

2.1 Excretion

Water is the solution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle by drinking generous amounts of water every day is essential for good health because it helps our body to cleanse our body toxins out through kidney (Batmanghelidj, n.d). Kidney and livers play an important role in excretion and water helps kidney and livers to function properly by carry away toxins from the human body.

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2.2 Perspiration

When we having a cold or fever we need more water to standardize our body temperature and water help us to maintain our body temperature (Dawkins & Gibson, 2007). When our surrounding temperature is hot, our body will starting to sweat and by sweating we are actually getting rid of unhealthy toxic and waste materials in our body. Sweat itself contains of 99% water, so whenever we starting to sweat a lot we should start rehydrate too as it will lead to hydration if we didn’t drink enough water.

2.3 Other bodily functions

Water carries away waste, and helps to carry medicines to the proper places in the body. Water helps to cushion your baby’s ride when you are pregnant and also helps to prevent cramping & fatigue during exercise (Dawkins & Gibson, 2007). Water keep us away from dry skin and prevent headache (M. Woods, n.d). Water helps to improve physical performance (muscles are 73% water), improve the circulation (blood is 82% water), improve mental function (the brain is 72% water) (Hall, 2004).

2.4 Flushes toxins out of vital organs

Water absorbs our body’s waste products and other toxic compounds which then leave the body through the urinary tract (Dr Moonlenburgh 2009). Metabolic wastes are also carried and excreted in a water medium. Drinking plenty of water is one good way to keep the kidneys and bladder in good health (Hall, 2004). Our body needs water to remove toxins and waste, so our body will be healthier.

3.0 Disadvantage of not drinking water

Nowadays, people are drinking lesser and lesser water as they claimed they have ‘ NO TIME TO DRINK WATER’ this is because their stressful work in office or homework in school. If a person doesn’t drink enough of water, it will effect the human’s mental and emotional and then you will have less energy and hard to concentrate compare to your normally do and this symptom is called mild dehydration.

3.1 Constipation

Studies shown that low level of chronic dehydration have increased the risk of constipation (and its potential effects, including hemorrhoids and diverticulosis) (Woods, n.d). Lack of water in our diet will cause constipation and stomach acid problems by drinking good amount of water will cure it. Experts said that if a person consume not enough amount of water it will cause indurate to the fasces and constipation problem occur. By drinking enough amount of water will solve the problem of constipation by let the fasces went through smoothly from the intestine.

3.2 Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when our body is losing water thorough breathing, sweat and urinates. Furthermore, dehydration can cause body temperature increase and so does increase dizziness (M. Dawkins, J. Gibson, 2007). When we sweat extremely or diarrhea it will lead to dehydration and so by taking enough of fluids can prevent dehydration from happening.

3.3 Dried skin

Without adequate water in the body, tissue can not be formed or repaired and so dried skin is formed. Dried skin occurs when our skin is lack of water and not oil, water hydrates our skin and helping the skin to stay young and healthy. Experts claims that human loses one to three quarts of water per day so we need to keep ourselves on track by drinking enough of water to prevent our skin suffer.

3.4 Reduce the risk of bladder cancer

Insufficient of fluid intake would increase the risk of bladder, breast and colon cancer (Woods, n.d). When a person dehydrated , the person will have poor blood circulation and failing kidney function soon, as the longer the person dehydrated the risk of having this symptom will happened faster (Dawkins & Gibson 2007). A group of doctors claimed that the risk of having a bladder cancer is increasing over the ten years and those men who drank a lot had lower risk of having the bladder cancer (Dr Whitaker, 2000).

4.0 Water habit

Water is beneficial for us everyday but due to the polluted environment nowadays even the price of beer are cheaper than a plain water and this causes people around the world would rather drink beer than a plain and tasteless water. The recommended glass of water is eight glasses as our human body consists of 75% water and we need to rehydrate everyday. In fact, we can only survive for three days without drinking water. Water is not only important but it is the way to live a longer and better life.

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4.1 Carry a bottle

Habit of carry a bottle is not train by one day, it need a long period for a person to carry a bottle whenever the person go out, whether shop, walk or to an activity as ‘Rome was not build in one day’ also. So those who want a good healthy lifestyle and prevent constipation and other cancer causes start carrying a bottle around with them all day. If you are a workaholic, u should keep a glass of water at your desk and when it is empty fill them up again and keep drinking more.

4.2 Set a reminder

The first glass of water everyday morning plays an important role because it will energize our metabolism and rid toxins from our body. If you are a forgetful person use your hand phone alarm or the reminder system to help u out by every thirty minutes drink a glass of water. Setting a reminder the first weeks will not be as easy as ‘ Practice makes prefect’ so we have to remind our self to drink more water for a better life in future.

4.3 Exercise

By the word ‘exercise’ we will know that we will sweat a lot and that means we will lose a lot of water from our body and by exercising it can make us want to drink more water. Experts said that if we are going to exercise, drink the suitable amount of water first so our body won’t be affected by having dehydration during our exercise period.

5.0 Types of water

Water is perhaps the products that every consumer are using and consumer taking every types of water in a serious matter as we all want to use water that are free from bacteria and harm. Nowadays, nobody drinks from the home tap anymore, and for the good reasons. The quality of the domestic water supply is suspected, and often deficient and dirty. For those looking to enjoy a variety of waters, here is just a sampling of the many different types available (J. Rose, 2007).

5.1 Distilled water

Distilled water is a type of water that has been purified. It is often used to clean fragile items, as it has no mineral deposits that could damage the delicate fibers. Distilled water should ideally be nothing but hydrogen and oxygen molecules, with a PH level of 7 and no additional gases, minerals or contaminants. (What is Distilled Water?, n.d). Distilled water helps flushes toxic substances out from our body and by drinking it our body will be healthier and better. The process of distillation is first boil the water to its boiling point and by condensing the steam into another container and there is where we found the pure water. But one of the disadvantage of distilled water is it doesn’t consist any minerals in it this is because due to the process of distillation so it would just be a pure water.

5.2 Mineral water

Mineral water is said that it consist the most mineral in its water and this type of water is the healthiest among all those water. But those minerals could be naturally or man made. Minerals help us throughout our life by maintaining a better life. Lack of mineral could fall sick or worse. In the 21st century everyone in earth are worried about their own health due to the environment pollution and mineral water nowadays make an important role. Due to the demand of mineral water increase it also increase the numbers of mineral water company too and there is where bottled water came up. Some said mineral water can prevent us from having cramp or joints pain.

5.3 Well water

Spring water has many names but is more commonly know as well water. Natural spring water contains of some beneficial minerals that normal filtered water that doesn’t have. But well water also can be contaminate and consist of microorganisms that we can’t see using our naked eye, chemicals and so do the environment problem that happening nowadays so spring water consist of cons too. Some said that well water tastes much better and is more convenient than bottled water but some said well water are contaminated and its bad health due to the environment problem.

6.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, 8 glasses of water a day will bring better life and a healthier lifestyle to a person. Consume more than 8 glasses of water a day will help our human body to flush toxins from the lymph system to body and avoid constipation. Furthermore, experts had said intake of more fluids will reduce the risk of having cancer and sickness. Lastly, water is the most important nutrient in our lives and it will lead us to a longer and better quality life. Based on the reasons above, 8 glasses of water a day will bring a better life to us.


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