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Organisational Culture of Healthcare Organisation

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Ethical Organization

Introduction: In this paper, I have described about the Sauk Village Community Health Care Center, which is an ethical organization. Apart from this, the paper includes the mission statement, vision statement and code of ethics. It also reveals the interrelationship between the mission, vision and code of ethics. The paper also describes about the organizational culture, leadership and oversight about measuring the organization performance

Description of the Organization

The Sauk Village Community Health Care Center is an ethical organization, which provides services related to the job training, shelter, education, food, clothing, medical treatment and other different types of counseling. Its clientele includes elderly people, teen mothers, disabled and peoples without home. It also includes people from the low income group. This is basically a non profit organization, receiving funds from the grants by the government.

Mission Statement

Its mission statement is based on the ethical grounds. Mission statement reflects the objectives of the organization, which are:

Safe guarding the clients well being and health belonging to the community of Sauk Village; It especially includes those who are in greater needs. The next objective is to extend its services all over the community in Sauk Village in order to provide short and long term care to the people suffering from the complex and chronic health related problems and also to those suffering from economic and social problems.

The main aim of this health center is to offer help and care to those people who are not getting help from anywhere. This organization helps its community to prosper and grow.

This is done by:

  • Proper Implementation of policy formulated by government.
  • By Continuing the development of Program
  • By growing the capacity of service provided
  • By Having a adequate staffing
  • Assisting people in living separately without depending on others.
  • By making the outcomes better through screening, prevention and early intervention.
  • By Assisting people in reducing homelessness

Ethical aspect of mission: Its mission statement reflects the ethical system as it states that the existence of the company is for the protection of the well being of its clients. Therefore, no harm can occur either physically or mentally to the clients through the policy of discrimination or bias by the organization. The company is committed in providing best care for all the people who are in need. The company’s supreme goal is to provide right and appropriate health care on time from the superior staff so that they can easily overcome their ill health.

The mission statement covey that the organization is with the people of community in each and every respect whether it’s mental health, education, training related to job and health and helping clients in becoming independent members of the community. Apart from this, the organization doesn’t allow any discrimination based on the caste, color and pay scale. Hence, the objectives of its mission statement are reflected in all its programs, activities and services.

Value Statement

The value statement of the organization is to concentrate on the clients by putting their efforts towards the betterment of their welfare and treating the people with due respect and dignity. This organization believes in performing best and improving the means of doing the things. Being a provider of health and human services, its value statement says that its workers are committed in achieving the best results. Apart from this, it will not differentiate client based on the age, race, sexual orientation or sex. The organization believes in providing excellent solution to the clients and the community.

These value statements form the important part of the organization as these values are capable of encouraging actions.

Moral aspect of Value Statement:

The value statement formulated by the organization is ethical as this persuades workers to treat people in the right manner. Therefore, value statement is morally correct. The value statement shows the close association with the mission statement as value statement relates to the welfare of the community and clients. The mission and the value statement directs in doing best for the people without any biasness or injustice.

The organization approach to provide the services depends on the following:

  • RELATIONSHIPS – it is an important factor in establishing the trust and nurturing clients and other people in the community that the organization serves.
  • SUPERIORITY – it gains superiority by providing best outcomes.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – the organization is self responsible in taking self regulated action in order to achieve the success.
  • SERVICE – the organization provides fair and equal services to all its clients
  • LEARNING – the organization is committed towards the learning as it adopts the changes and brings new creativity.

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics of Sauk Village Community Health Care Center comprises of the following elements:

  • Sheer Commitment towards the Diversity
  • Abstain from any sorts of discrimination
  • Abide by the Law
  • Sustaining competency and expertise in management by implementation of the assessment program and through the various education schemes.
  • Interest of all is taken care of i.e. no Conflicts are related to the interest
  • Requesting for funds under ethical consideration
  • Treating Volunteers with respect and dignity similar to the staff
  • The process of Hiring is done in accordance with the assenting guidelines of action
  • Using Code of ethics for the benefit of the profession and not for self-centered reasons
  • Evading from the misuse of professional relationships for private benefits

The code of ethics is capable of inspiring tangible outcome from the employees; this is so because to work properly for the organization, these serve as the guidelines which they are supposed to follow. And also, they would expect the same thing if they would have been the volunteer or client. Code of ethics shows the close relation with the mission and the value statement of the organization as all these three are aimed at protecting the health and welfare of the people. All these do not favor discrimination based on caste, creed and age. All These things help in providing the client best possible health care. As per the value statement, clients are treated with respect.

Organization Culture

Organizational culture is a set of characteristics that are commonly shared by people in the organization. Such characteristics may be in the forms of assumptions, beliefs, values and norms which are known as abstract elements of culture. As my organization is related to the human healthcare and services, I would plan to promote the culture of my organization on the basis of good health care of our clients. The employees of the organization would share the beliefs and values of each other along with that of organization. The culture of the organization would be based on some factors such as innovation and risk taking, attention to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness, stability, etc. (Prasad, 2008).

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In order to develop ethical culture, I would develop an understanding among all the staff members about the fact that union is strength. If we will work together, we will definitely achieve the goals of the organization. The culture of the organization would institutionalize the values of the organization because it regularly encourages the staff member to follow the values, beliefs and mission of the organization for the clients. By this way, it would be possible for us to provide the best health service within the low cost structure to the patients.


Leadership is the process of influencing the behavior of others to work willingly and enthusiastically for achieving predetermined goals. At the post of the leader, a person is largely responsible for the culture of the organization. In some organizations, managers assume that they are not a leader, but as they are managers, the employees of the organization ultimately follow their behavior. Leadership is an important factor for making any type of organization successful. Without a good leader and leadership process, a manager cannot function effectively and efficiently (Gupta, 2007).

My way of leadership is based on the participative style. In this style, I take decisions after consulting with my followers and after their participation in the decision-making process. I involve my group members in the decisions on the feasibility and workability of an idea. I believe that their co-operation in the attainment of organizational goals can be enlisted only if they are committed to the organization, and that commitment can be ensured only by an honest and open communication of ideas with them and by the development of a team spirit. I encourage my subordinates to function as a social unit, and make full use of their talents and abilities. I encourage subordinates to exercise high degrees of responsibility and freedom. They use as little authoritarian control as possible and are concerned with group relationship as well as getting the job done. They do not delegate their right to make final decisions and to give specific directives to their subordinates, but to seek their thoughts and opinions on many decisions that affect them. By this way, I cultivate the decision-making abilities of my subordinates and encourage them to increase their abilities to exercise self-control and urge them to assume greater responsibility for guiding their own efforts (Prasad, 2008).

This style is very useful in many ways. When workers feel that their ideas are important and are being made use of, they feel considerably committed to change in which they have participated. Workers also develop a greater feeling of self-esteem. They maximize their potential in creative and productive ways and experience personal satisfaction and accomplishment of their tasks. Further, when most people are given a little freedom, they develop and grow in personality and job competence. Often they will take on more responsibilities than their job descriptions call for because of the pleasure they take in their work. I adopt a helpful attitude toward my subordinates.

In this leadership style, I delegate as much responsibility to the members of the work team as their experience and knowledge will permit. I place emphasis on results rather than on an action. My philosophy is: “It is not always how a job gets done that is important but that the job does get done.” I show my concern towards the employees and thereby gain their respect.

The role communication is very much important in establishing my leadership style. Without proper communication, the decisions cannot be made and delegated effectively. Effective communication creates workable understanding and agreement between two persons. I believe that full co-operation from the subordinates can only be achieved when there is clarity in communication. Proper and effective communication helps in building a trust worthy relationship between the leader and the subordinates. Effective leadership communication can be accomplished only when it has credibility. If I want to become a good leader, it is essential for me to be a good listener. By this way, I not only give chance to my subordinates to speak but also gather useful information for further communication. If the communication between my subordinates and me is not effective, I will not be able to guide and motivate them properly so as to accomplish the organizational goals. I will give incentives and bonus to the employees on the basis of their performances. As a leader, it is my moral responsibility to follow the ethics and check the behavior of followers and culture of organization and make sure that everything is going right according to the ethics of the organization. As a leader, it is very essential for me to adopt the code of ethics, so that my followers will do the same.


In order to maintain the ethical standard and evaluate the performance of the employees, I will conduct a periodical performance evaluation program. This would include weakly evaluation, monthly evaluation and yearly evaluation. On the basis of this evaluation, the employees would also get the appraisal and other compensation and benefits in the organization. I will conduct one on one interview with my staff in which I will discuss about the performance, strength, weaknesses and opportunity areas of the staff member and also provide suggestion, ideas and opinions to improve their performance. I will also give the grades or marks to the employees according to their performance and maintain a chart, which would help me to analyze the performance and improvement area of the employee. In place of oversight, I will put the system of ethical counseling board. They will give an opinion to me and my staff member in the circumstance when the ethics would not be followed. In order to handle the other business issues like fund raising increases and decreases in the resources, there will a committee of board of directors in my organization (Kettner, 2002).


From the study, it can be concluded that the mission, vision and code of ethics form the core for an organization. These serve as the guiding tool for the employees and help them in providing direction in order to satisfy their clients in best possible manner. For better conduction and coordination among the employees, organizational culture plays a vital role. Apart from this, in order to make the organization successful, effective leadership is required. And in order to evaluate the performance of the employees and maintaining the ethical standard, periodical performance evaluation plays a vital role. Therefore, all these factors form an important component of the ethical framework.


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