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Evaluating the Use and Application of Project Management Theory and Methodologies

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Wordcount: 3165 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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Executive Summary

McDonalds came up with its first restaurant in the United Kingdom in 1974 with opening of the restaurant in which South East London. The head office was situated in the Hampstead, North London. In this project discussion on project management methodology that is PMBoK is utilised for the McDonald’s McDelivery project (Mcdonalds.com, 2019). This report gives out how the chosen methodology would be supportive to the project, with its necessary features, procedures and methodologies. In this report the discussion on the anticipated issues for application of McDelivery by use of Uber eats has been done.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


How your chosen methodology would support the project?

Identifying specific features and processes of the methodology which could enable the successful outcome of the McDeliveryproject

Anticipated issues with using the methodology for the McDelivery project




Main delivery is available in 16 cities and 150 restaurants all over UK which involves Birmingham, Cardiff Edinburg and Manchester. This partnership with Uber eats was announced in the year 2017 for bringing up of the new delivery service to the United Kingdom. The initial launch of delivery was all over twenty two locations in London and additional 10 restaurants in Nottingham and Leeds (Zlata Rodionova, 2019). However, now the service is there into over 150 restaurants in 16 cities. In this service, the McDonald’s breakfast, lunch as well as dinner is available within the area of 1.5 miles of those connected restaurants and the timeframe would be from 7 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. in London and 8 a.m. to Midnight in different cities. However this service will operate all days of the week. In this service the delivery charges have been applied for McDelivery of £2.50 and the menu for London is different from the menu for other cities. But there is not much of difference. It is great that Uber eats and McDelivery have joined hands because delivery is one thing that usually the customers want. Delivery service is created keeping the client’s into mind and making them get improved services. This would help the organisation to get high level of client satisfaction and even the number of clients would increase.

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How your chosen methodology would support the project?

The method used in this project is to demonstrate the opportunities that a big market like the “Food Delivery” one provides. Currently the world’s food delivery is moving truly quick, to set the foundation for what will be a great future, bringing steady updates and steady innovations that, as the market will be inundated and will come to an equilibrium, will certainly modify people’s customs: future persons will live routine in manner that for real generations are unimaginable (Riggins, 2019). In the latest age of 2.0, technology is fundamentally shifting the way of interpreting the daily life.

The project management body of knowledge (PMBoK) has been used for the appropriate implementation of best practices for enhancing the performance of the project and therefore it focuses on improvement in the speed and quality, lesser mistakes, lower cost as there would be low number of reversals, lesser delays and better usage of time along with high customer satisfaction (Cajade Sánchez and Solar Serrano, 2019). By PMBoK the guidance is provided to manager product and can be utilised by Uber eats and McDelivery. The guidelines can be utilised to manage the delivery project by the various linked concepts. The project management life cycle will be described along with the link procedures and project life cycle.

In the past decades it has been seen that project management is effective way of handling latest of complicated activities. These methodologies are utilised for investigating to what extent the PM standards are actually utilised former for identification of opportunities of improvement.

In this case the information system has an extremely significant role for delivery as it would help in simplification of the procedures of the project management life cycle. PMBoK has usually been utilised for big projects, as per the kind and structure of the organisation. McDonald’s has recognised this methodology as a great practice because lots of organisations have shown the success rate of projects. In case of McDelivery, the PMBoK project management framework can be utilised photo entire supply chain management. This methodology has a few describe the stages from the beginning of the project to the end of the delivery so that the percentage of failure is minimum.

In this way the globally recognised standards will be utilised for search application and guidance will be provided for the project manager. The standard would be a formal documentation which gives setup norms, methodologies for procedures and practices for collaboration of ubereats and McDelivery. In this procedure there will be 10 knowledge areas for or organisation of procedures, integration, scope, human resources, stakeholders, qualities, cost, time, communication and procurement (Ubereats.com, 2019). The guidance will be given on the terminologies and procedures of project management which are significant and have effect on the performance of the projects. Therefore this will lay down the high-level description of the concepts which will make the good practices like in this case, the the delivery area will be within 1.5 miles of the restaurant. The timeframe has also been set which is 7 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. in London as well as 8 a.m. to midnight for other cities. The the cost factor can be controlled by setting up this limit of the area in miles which has to be provided services with. All these areas will have huge impact on the project and will be significant for dealing with the project’s performance.

Identifying specific features and processes of the methodology which could enable the successful outcome of the McDelivery project

By using the guide to the project management body of knowledge, the organisation can utilise portfolio, project management and program so that it can apply reliable, establish procedures for fulfilment of the strategic goals and getting more business value from the project Investments. So it can be said the entire aim of the project management will be executing the tasks of McDelivery which give higher value to the organisation and customer.

PMBoK is a gathering of procedures and knowledge areas which are applied as the best practices for the project management. So there are five key procedure groups acknowledged by PMBoK for this project. These key concepts can be used for Mac delivery and these:

-          initiation,

-          planning,

-          execution,

-          monitoring and controlling, as well as

-          Closing (Telang and Deshpande, 2016)

In this project, since the organisation has got Uber eats and McDonald’s to join hands so that the customers can also apply McDonald’s items by use of the Uber eats application with the fixed delivery amount. By Ubereats the customers will be able to order and get use of app with French fries, salads and various items which will be continuously updated with seasonal dishes (Mujtaba and Patel, 2011). The steps are given below for such partnership with Uber eats.

Step 1: Understanding of vision

The Uber eats has to recognise the vision for the project and it should involve high-level perspective of the scope of McDelivery along with the aim for which the mid delivery has been created. The vision is generally recognised as the element of the project charter however it is the goal of the project manager to get the clarity. The project manager has to understand the vision of ubereats as well as delivery for documentation. Once this documentation is done then there will be internalising of the vision. Project manager has to have believe in the aim of the project and understand how it is worthy of the attempts that need to be made.

Step 2: Clarity regarding the business value

After the capturing of the vision, it has to understand how the combining of Uber eats and make delivery will add value. The business value will be stated within the monetary terms like it would enhance the business of the McDonald’s, McDelivery of UK by around £1000 on daily basis. There are usually the non monetary advantages which are also length like the east of the customers, the quick delivery and effective supply chain management.

Step 3: evangelization of vision and business value to the project team

The project manager will need to motivate the project team and it is significant for the project team to have a belief in what they are doing. The project manager will need to evangelize the vision and business value of this project with the team members of McDonald’s. Increase the project team understands the business value along with the vision then there will be yearning for the capacity of delivering the business value. By this evangelization, there will be engagement in the work and more enthusiasm regarding the delivery of value to the clients

Step 4: Fostering a team environment for the effective delivery of value

Since by joining both Uber eats and make delivery, there will be a separate project team therefore it will be the role of the project manager to encourage the environment which will allow the steam to have effective delivery. Like in any sports game, whenever team comes to a situation where everybody is aware of his responsibilities then the trust is at a high peak in this way the environment of trust has to be posted for delivering of superior outcomes. The project manager has to serve the team and etiquette all the roadblocks for or the thriving of team efficiency (Snyder, 2013). Since the project manager would encourage the project environment focusing on delivery of value to the organisation, the project team will respond with motivation for success.

Step 5: Measurement of the realisation of business value

This step comes up all over the project and generally needs continuous measurement once the project is completed. In this case the project manager will be reporting on the progress of the Uber eats and McDelivery working in Corporation. As the project is accomplished then the final realisation of the enhanced value may not be easily measured until sometime fast the completion of this project.

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Delivery is only one of the approaches that McDonald’s constantly keeps on raising the bar for its clients. McDonald’s brought amendments to its menu together with removal of artificial preservatives from some menu items together with Chicken McNuggets. McDonald’s is changing its customer experience by further modern restaurants adding self-order kiosks and table service with the knowledge of the Future and with mobile ordering and pay.

The framework describes the entire role of project team and therefore it will make aware of what and how a successful connection between ubereats and McDonald’s can be made so that everyone is on the same page in the project team therefore there will be higher collaboration and the team mates would be exactly aware of what is needed from them and what is their role within the project (Langston, 2013). The major element of the team efforts is communication among various members of the team. within the team there are generally the team members having different divisions, levels or background however both will be important, either the members from ubereats all the members from my delivery. They will be aligned into the goals to be attained for completing the project. Roles and due dates will efficiently be told to them because in this Framework there is height level of interaction needed. One more argument in favour of using this methodology is the probability of continuity that would be provided through McDelivery. In case the project manager gets changed instantly then and any other project manager can replace him continuing to give directions to the team in the same way as a procedure and method would be same.

Anticipated issues with using the methodology for the McDelivery project

The issues that might come up with the use of PMBoK5 as this methodology has to be adjusted as per the application area industry, project size and extent, timeline and financial statement and quality limitations. PMBoK5 is the excessively-complex and excessively-thorough depictions of some of the factors. Complication is forever an obstruction not help, and subjective verification might propose that the PMBOK Guide is bringing itself no favours in that regard. PMBOK Guide is the inadequacy of explicit responsibilities for the users of the “project management team.” This is indistinctly described as those members of the project team who are straight caught up in project management acts.

PMBOK Guide is unsuccessful to capably address the iterative environment of planning, controlling and monitoring (Uwizeyemungu and Raymond, 2012). A few also believe the exact stress on project management tools is excessively restraining and that a further inclusive way would make entire project as successful. PMBOK is built on the basis of a conventional plan-driven way to project management that stresses planning and control to make best use of inevitability. In case the objective is to exploit inspiration and innovation and stress an additional adaptive approach to exploit the value of the business solution in an unsure situation, PMBOK doesn’t work thoroughly.


In the past times, the success of the project was evaluated on the basis of the capacity of delivering a quality scope on time and within the budget. Even though these elements are significant for considering and controlling as the project goes ahead form are there not correct measures of success for the project. A project can just be seen as successful in case it provides the pre-decided business value to the clients (Mir and Pinnington, 2014). When the organisations consider project success as per this perspective then there would be improved decision making for execution and the project managers will a stress on what is significant as the teams deliver value. In this case also the project manager has to think about the steps for delivering of business value in an improved way. This way the discipline of project manager will turn out to be highly valuable to the McDelivery. The McDelivery and Uber eats will continue to be vibrant as there are providing better value to the clients and they will constantly consider the project manager as key feature of expanding the bottom line. By focusing on the customers, the delivery of business value will be the highly significant factor of managing project.


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