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RIM Project Management Challenges

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1. What were some of the challenges that RIM faced to protect its intellectual property, and how did RIM handle those challenges?

The rising of RIM as the producer of the world’s main image of remote email gadget uncovers much about the arrangement of social conditions in which the organization and innovation created. RIM was one of the main organizations in the multi-billion dollar versatile email  company.In view of RIM’s driving business sector position, the industry’s development will probably keep on fueling the interest for BlackBerrys on a comparing scale. Moreover, RIM adopted an extraordinary strategy in advertising the BlackBerry.

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There are numerous challenges RIM confronted to secure its Intellectual Property and also how those difficulties were taken care of. One such case is RIM versus Glenayre Technologies, Inc. This claim, a reaction to a prior suit delivered by Glenayre, demanded that Glenayre outrightly imitated BlackBerry innovation and advertising. Later in 2001, Glenayre’s underlying 1999 patent suit against RIM was rejected. In mid 2002 RIM and Glenayre consented to drop their outstanding claims and cooperate to build up a remote email gadget that would consolidate Glenayre’s informing programming. Amid this same time, RIM likewise acquired a U.S. patent called the BlackBerry Single Mailbox Integration patent, which secured innovation that gave clients the capacity to have a solitary email address on both remote and desktop frameworks.

In 2002 RIM endured so obliterating a legitimate annihilation that it was requested to pay NTP’s lawful bills. An interests court generally maintained the judgment against the organization this year. At same time, BlackBerry clients soared into the millions-yet every step of the way, as opposed to permit the licenses, RIM opposed; and, as it has opposed, the bills was mounted

2. What were some of the industry factors that influenced RIM?

Individuals need increasingly “savvy” highlights in their telephones , however they likewise need it to be an okay telephone with better than average battery life and they especially need their essential applications to fill in as easily as could reasonably be expected. What’s more, obviously, the IT division needs to realize that the security components are in place and they can deal with their organizations viably. In the same way as other innovation items, cell phones need to interoperate with different advances. Many years, the Blackberry was in market in business areas in United States where most of them used blackberry and was their loyal customers. With the invocations of new technologies, Apple iPhones have a trouble some competition to Blackberry along with other android devices. This things were immensely impacted the blackberry organization. At the same time when apple began to gain customers, Blackberry started losing their customers. With new smartphones in market with same technology came in market with more user-friendliness, it impacted RIM.

3. Apply as many TCOs as you can to the RIM.

BlackBerry was an outstanding cell phones supplier for business and government in those days. Information encryption of Blackberry is the fundamental reason RIM having those huge markets. BlackBerry additionally gave defensive administration to clients if there should be an occurrence of losing gadgets. BlackBerry phones were considered as securing progression in those days. In beginning of its history, BlackBerry acquired another rush of utilizing cell phones. BlackBerry was one of the suppliers of email and messaging administrations. BlackBerry console was an advancement of innovation. Before the invocation of iPhone’s iPhones, BlackBerry was the most needed gadget. It turned into a standard telephone for business firms and governments.


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