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Role of Project Manager

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Role of Project Manager


A project manager is person who is guides a project from its initiation, to its completion. Project Manager is a job title used by various companies which provide products and services. A project manager should always be up-to date with his/her skill sets and also have the ability to understand what the clients need as a successful project.


Project Manager is the one who ensures the successful completion of a project right from its initiation to its completion. In other words, project managers control the entirety of a project. The project manager not only initiates a project but also makes sure that it is successfully delivered to the clients without any bugs or issues .The project manager not only provides his/her views on the project but also ensures that the whole team is well motivated and are unanimous on the process to develop that project. As project manager is responsible for the project as a result he/she are always praised or criticized based on the fate of that project. The Project manager plays a very important role in making decisions that have a very constructive or destructive effect on the project. The project manager should always look into ways to minimize risk and optimize the performance of the project. A decision made by a project manager should ideally benefit the project. Just like any other job, A project manager also have tools to optimize their work efficiency and manage their time better. This software allows a project manager to make charts and reports very fast as compare to the traditional way.

Project Management – Definition and explanation

Project management is a process to utilize the required process and policies to ensure that a project is successfully completed in the most efficient way. Project management can also be defined as a concept built to ensure that the project is guided buy one or many people through its creation to its delivery to the client.

Project management is required to have a process which begin with step of a project charter in which all the possibilities of failure is assessed. Such a process is covered under Risk management which is very vital for successful implementation of a project.

Roles of Project Management/Manager

As a leader of a project the following things are expected from a project manager towards the project. These are basic and broad terms to introduce the duties and roles of a Project Management. These include:

  1. Planning and Assessing Risks 
  2. Organizing and Motivating Teams
  3. Leading and successfully delivering the project
  4. Closing with a bug free and working project

Importance of Project Management in Organization

Organizations are constantly in new problems and opportunities. The world and marketplace are moving fast and are filled with uncertainties. Without the implementation of project management, organizations will tend to create more failed projects and with a lot of untidy, unstructured process which is not ideal.

When it comes to managing projects if the path is not well defined, it will be very challenging to complete the project efficiently. While developing a project there applies a lot of constraints, some to list are time, quality of delivery and various other constrains. Project Management is an ideal solution to such constraints.

Sometimes in companies, during a project the project development there is limited budget assigned to that project. Project management in efficiently managing the budget. By Implementing the concept Project management, organizations will have a better control of such sensitive and vital aspects. When there are large organizations are involved with multiple, complex and on-going projects, project management is very important.



Project Management Frameworks

Waterfall methodology:

Waterfall Model is comprised of steps and with a concept that if and only if a single step is completed the project moves to the other stage. It also come with a condition, in which the Project cannot go to a previous step once the step has been completed.

Pros of Waterfall Model:

  • The Model is easy to implement.
  • It Ideally works with small scale projects.
  • The projects are delivered quicker
  • All the steps taken during the development of this project is well documented.
  • Well-built methods which enables and facilitates smooth switching between trams
  • Dependences are ideally managed.

Agile methodology:

Agile methodology is very ideal and efficient in development projects because it allows multiple teams working together on the same project simultaneously. In agile methodology, as an example the development and testing team can work together and share feedbacks to each other leading to an optimized output and an ideal project.

Advantages of the Agile Model:

  • As feedback can be taken from the client the project can be more exclusive and will meet expect the expectations of the client
  • As the agile methodology is based on communication the teams are more efficient in communication with each other.



So to conclude Project Management is very vital to an organization as it streamlines the tedious process of managing various constraints like resource , time and various other factors. A Project Manager is a person who is responsible to implement the concept of Project Management in an organization and he/she plays a very important role in the fate of the project. 


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