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Seeking And Knowing God Religion Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Religion
Wordcount: 1644 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Let us know who God is before we try to find HIM. The best way to know God is to first know own real self, thereby creating capabilities in us to realize essence of God. Next, we have to draw our attention towards God through prayer, meditation and constant remembrance. Having drawn attention towards God, it is not enough unless we adopt those virtues that bring us close to God. To seek God is to feel HIS essence at every instance of life as our philosopher, friend and companion. This close connection with God brings different perspective and meaning to life. Life becomes enriched with calmness, peace and eternal bliss. The search of God is in essence a re-discovery of own self.

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There are two dimensions of our existence; one is body consciousness that believes and treats self as separate from other people. Body consciousness develops ego, desires and aspirations which are good as long these remain within a particular limit. However, people are often found to engage themselves in materialistic pursuit and lose focus in life. People engage in competition with others to prove their distinct existence. People believe body consciousness as real self, but on further realization, it is evident that this body consciousness is only a temporary phase of real essence that lies within. The other aspect of our existence is inner consciousness (soul) connected to the infinite source which is God. Various evidence suggest that the body has this invisible force (soul) that makes heart to beat, limbs to move and lungs to breathe. This real consciousness draws its essence from its creator which is God. The real understanding of God and connection with HIM is tenable only on realizing our spiritual essence.

A deep meaning of life is derived from this inner consciousness (soul) that draws close connection with God. The more we think about this essence lying within us, the closer we become to this divine power. This thought energizes us to think well about others. Spiritual Values develop from this inner consciousness (soul). Everyone is spiritual in essence; hence something which is the desire of soul ought to be met. It talks of this vital aspect of existence which is often ignored in preference to routine and mundane requirements. The more we delve on this issue, the better we feel the essence of God.

God has created us; HIS essence is lying within us. Instead of searching God outside and treating HIM as someone different, it is better to search HIM within. This requires special capability as our sensory organs will only look outside; they will not help us to see within. These sensory organs look for enjoyment and pleasure from external environment. We have to first bring control on sensory organs so that it does allow us to look within. Our mind needs to be calmed and outward distractive thoughts have to be curbed. Prayer and meditation can be helpful to bring calmness of mind and draw its attention inward. How can a person realize his inner consciousness when mind is directed towards so many things? Prayer is a way to remember God. It is not only to reassure you about your connection with God but to know your real self. By regular prayer, you try to communicate with God and believe that HE is listening to you. In this manner, you try to acquire all divine like qualities.

God is a divine energy, eternal and all pervading. It is the infinite force that is omnipresent. Inner consciousness (soul) is a spark of this divine energy. The essence of God lies in realizing this infinite energy. It will be too foolish to think of God as finite. All his actions point towards God being infinite. Our soul is also a spark of that infinite energy. Mentally, we have to perceive God as a pure infinite source of energy. Then it does not make sense to search God in heaven. How can someone who is infinite remain at one place and not at the other place? How can God be with one person and not with other person? How can God be outside us but not within us? This logically tells that God is both within you and also outside you. He is everywhere. As God is within you; try to find HIM in your existence. Various spiritual literatures suggest that the best way to find God is within you.

Both prayer and meditation have profound impact on developing close connection with God. During prayer, mind focus on this divine power and we remain grateful, loving and in peace during those moments. Spiritual essence is already within us, but through prayer we activate and make it to become part of our thinking and belief. How can a person who is in memory of God, hate someone and treat him with disrespect. How can a person who is in love of God remain insensitive to the sufferings of other person as all others belong to the single source, God? This realization does come to a person who brings close connection with God through prayer, meditation or constant remembrance. Meditation is to reduce external disturbances by calming mind while as prayer is to draw attention towards God through fruitful communication. The impact of all these is found to be similar as they create a scintillating feeling that God is with us, listening to us and guiding us. We remain unmindful of end results as God is to take care of us.

Prayer is most effective means to get connected with God and draw our attention to the blessings we receive from HIM. Prayer creates a soothing effect to mind, as it stops for the moment worrying about various things, but feel connect to HIS creator. Naturally, prayer helps to develop good thoughts. It purifies a person and makes him capable to love God and his creations. Prayer is useful to feel presence of God and bring awareness that HE will take care of us. Prayer reminds us of the virtues of God. Remaining in prayer is to acknowledge that we love God and all other people who have been created by God. By continuously praying for someone whom we have not seen but felt, we believe in God and look for his grace. This belief that God likes good action keeps us on right path despite difficulties.

Remaining connected with God makes us to remain aligned with inner self. We are able to realize the full potential by remaining connected with others through the force of love and compassion. When we feel that God is within us, we look to inner consciousness for guidance that prompts us to remain on right path. We look to HIM for help that provides hope and makes us to sail through the difficult times with less pain.

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The most effective means to seek God is to develop his virtues within you. If we have to find someone, it requires that we think about that person and look what appeals to that person. Here we wish to find God, but are not fully aware about HIS likings. As parents, we like our children to love and like each other. We will not like to visit our child who creates problems for his or her siblings. Parents do not discriminate between children. Likewise, God will like us to generate love for all other human beings, treat everyone with care, not to generate hate and other negative emotions. We will feel the essence of God only when we bring feeling of love within us. God is already within as HE is in all other creations. Therefore, finding God means to remember HIM.

God is infinite divine energy which is love. It will not be wrong to say that Love is God and God is Love. We also get glimpse of this divine energy every now and then. Prayer is the most subtle manner to draw attention towards God. Bringing God in our realm of thinking and getting attached to HIM and feeling HIS presence in our actions and deeds is way to find God. This broader vision of life that comes to people who feel essence of God helps in getting rid of many negative tendencies. It develops abundant reservoir of love towards all other people. Many negative feelings get subdued. Life is filled with long term happiness and eternal peace.

Our love for others is manifestation of divinity. We can find God through constant remembrance and love. Prayer is the first step to make a person to develop constant remembrance. After, one hour of prayer daily, the mind becomes more focused towards God. It prepares a person to think of God not only during prayer but also in the remaining period. During day time when a person feels not engaged in any activity, his attention will automatically go towards God. Earlier, mind could have been busy creating lot of stress scenarios thinking about personal gains, materialistic pursuits and end results. However, through sincere prayer, we equip mind to go deep into God consciousness and its bliss. This is constant remembrance that is practical means to seek God. A person who develops constant remembrance of God observes HIS essence at every moment. This is the stage when self ego completely vanishes and you become completely merged in the God consciousness. Knowledge about God is not sufficient. It is the experience that can lead us to find HIM. If we pursue with faith and search HIM within, we will feel HIS essence. Finding God in this way will resolve various problems of not this life but of various lives hereafter.

Having realized that the best way to find God is within, we will feel HIM everywhere, in times of enjoyment and difficulties, in our thought process and actions, while interacting with others and when alone, in dreams and aspirations. HE will be with us and we will notice inner dialogue all the time with HIM; it will keep us on right path, all our fears and worries will be HIS. We look to all other people as reflection of God; feeling of love flows towards others. In the course of finding God, we acquire the ability of going within and gaining access to the Bliss from our soul. The other way to find God outside may often be misleading.


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