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The Significance Of Social Work Social Work Essay

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Wordcount: 1571 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The purpose of this essay clarifies ethics and values and how fundamental they are within social work practice. How relevant they are in modern day practice in addition raises concerns regards to professionals and personal values and ethics. Highlights serious case reviews and how they link into legislation and policies, and the difficulties with anti- oppression and anti- discrimination in relation to welfare benefit cuts and the economic climate. This assay highlights the BASW and HPCC code of ethics

Macmillan (2010) what are ethics? Ethics are somebodies beliefs, principles and morals that are important to them and propose a set of standards and values Oko 2010)) values are the theory and how you value what is good and influence our decision Ethics are the principle in which way we act.

Theory behind

Professional ethics are led by set of guidelines and processes that adhere to standards of code and ethics are implemented. Maynard A Becket (2005) believes Values are used in many forms, for example it could be financially personal or cultural in relation to faith and other religions. Values determined what we view as high priority and remain significant to your beliefs

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G. Reamer (2006) suggest Social work values and ethics have developed significantly over the past few decades, acknowledging the importance of professional and personal values and ethics in relation to practice. During the 1960 values and ethic became core values of social work with growing interest towards diverse and complex issues. The National Association of Social Workers implementing a code of ethics.1970 saw a dramatic change in other professions such as nurse’s health and criminal justice on applying ethics to practice. Joyce E (2009) attitudes towards contemporary psychoanalysts practice and social work have changed in relation to ethics and value, an appreciation of cultural heritage are taken on board and therapy has been brought into the 21st century. Improvements in working together with social work have been accomplished.

Banks S ( also believes ethics’ and values have developed considerably and gain greater recognition with a global interest from various countries adopting the idea with new countries accepting social work has a profession however some countries are a little slower in moving forward but nevertheless taking on board and introducing ethics and values to practice. There is more opportunity than before to access literature and books in regards to ethics and values which makes it more obtainable, however equally feels there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of information regarding ethics in relation to politics and anti-oppressive social work even though they are very much attached.

.Domineli L(2002).Anti-oppression can be seen in many forms and links into social work practice and values and ethics. Policies and legislation usually play a big part in welfare reforms for example cutting down on benefits and welfare system; this clearly impacts on the poor marginalizing social exclusion. Individuals can often feel that they are a burden on society, especially people who are in receipt of benefits. The government can use destructive language aimed at the unemployed as well as influential through the media or public speeches their portrayed as “scroungers” and unworthy to society. This form of oppression needs to be addressed and challenged. Social workers are expected to stand up for human rights and promote equality.Gray.M,at et l (2012) believes Social workers are led by legislation and political dilemmas . Legislation and welfare reforms have impacted on public spending cuts which are taking place by the coalition government. Inequality happens when the government makes cuts to the youth services, and various other organizations and local communities, it divides the poor from rich and wealthy, this could be seen as injustice, grounds for oppression between individuals and social groups.

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Social worker will need the skill and knowledge to underpin the vital importance of identifying their personal values from professional values in order to avoid poor practice and mistreatment. Forming opinions and concluding judgments based on your own assumptions and personal beliefs subsequently understanding values and ethics is imperative. According to Benchin, A., Brown,(2000) Values are encompassed in our daily life and a set of beliefs that originate from different background with expectations and ideas formed from the person’s perspective, this can impact on the way we react or behave to various situation therefore, recognizing personal beliefs and remaining open minded and respecting people as individuals will help develop your practice and achieve a better outcome for the service user. However Macmillan (2010) believes in relation to practicality social workers struggle over moral dilemmas all the time and are led by regulation, making decision can be exceptionally difficult Maynard, A Beckett.,(2005) believes Indeed at times it may be difficult not to be subjective and base your own beliefs and values on decision making, as this is what makes us what we are. As a professional you may have suffered a similar problem to the service user, this could influence your decision in deciding what is best for the service user therefore affect your practice blurring the boundaries. In this particular case the social worker may fail to overlook the service user’s needs. There is no room for judgmental practice in social work. Social workers should be professional and remain impartial to determine what’s ethically right. It is important to disregard your own values and beliefs to enable social worker to practice appropriately nonetheless when it comes to the service user needs other factors should to be taken on board in the terms of their ethnicity as the service user may have afro hair or religious beliefs therefore the social worker has to respect the individual.

Human Right Committee January (2012) BASW believe British Association of social work is fundamental document that highlights the code of practice and strongly advises how social workers should practice. It refers to ethics and values as the main topic and hugely emphasizes the necessities for social work to represent the codes of practice. Due to the nature of the social work role it raises concerns regarding ethical issues that may well occur for a social worker, the code of ethics and values clearly states the importance of implementing ethics and values as a fundamental part of social work in order to promote and empower service user’s nevertheless social workers have a duty of care and in some circumstances have no choice but to restrict someone’s freedom. Social workers are also faced with inadequate resources which impact on their duties .Higman, P (2006) it may be argued that the BASW is a set of standards in relation to confidentiality nevertheless conflicting as remaining completely confidential can be difficult for instance there is easy access through the internet and admission to statuary meetings. It is almost impossible to remain confidential due the nature of working in partnership and multiagency teams. Information sharing is important when legal obligations are in place in the terms of safe guarding issues nonetheless service user should to be informed at all times.

According to Health Care Professionals council (2012) HCPC is very prescriptive generic document in which it regulates Social workers and health profession; it has the same guidelines as BASW regards to ethics and values in addition it provides guidance on how social worker should behave appropriately and questions professional conduct outside of work which suggests integrity as large part to play in all aspect of a social works life. Macmillan p (2010) believes Social workers struggle with moral dilemmas all the time with in their career, making decisions that are led by regulations and putting it into practice can be extremely difficult.

Pattison,Roisin pill.(2004) states social worker should be accountable for their actions in many cases social workers have overacted and placed children in care without any evidence unfortunately failed to this in the Victoria cimbers case. Victoria died a tragic death in the hands of her great aunt Marie Kouao and partner Carl manning this, was damming report led by Lord Lamming. Victoria was let down by the police, several local authorities and health professionals. Ethics and values are apparent throughout Victoria case, assumptions were made towards Victoria’s ethnicity and cultural heritage highlights the dangers of overriding personal views and religious beliefs. The department of Health Lord lamming Report p116 within the report concluded a catalogue of errors. Social workers complained of lack of supervision and during supervision the social worker alleged the manager discussed her own personal problems and talk about “god “unfolding her religious beliefs which irritated the social worker therefore found it incredibly difficult to discuss important and difficult cases often failing to complete supervision consequently prioritizing personal and religious beliefs. supervision is imperative to social work.

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