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How football clubs in english premier league advertise?

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Frankly speaking, this research went on as I am mad at soccer, especially in English Premier League. At first, when I were given a chance to choose what to research about, I really did not think of anything but something I wanted to know or just something that was floating on my mind. Without hesitation, I chose to research on the marketing strategy using Derby Matches in English Premier League, in abbreviate, EPL. Although I do not think it was a cool decision, as I promised to research on this, let me start on how I would delve into this topic and what other things I would refer to for more understanding on advertisement or marking in the field of soccer.

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As I was developing how I should write on this, I came to think of referring to various things apart from marketing strategy through Derby Matches in English Premier League, such as general marketing strategy, Derby Matches Worldwide, history of English Primier League, and so on, for the better understanding of EPL. Because although my research paper concerns more on the business part of EPL, I believe it is a sort of important to know the background of something whatever that might be. Likewise, as I believe knowing the background of EPL is of importance, I will, first of all, elaborate on the history of EPL, just as same as the history written on the internet.

Then, as I am delving into the part of “marketing strategy,” I will elaborate on the marketing strategies concerning soccer either worldwide or in EPL, marketing strategies through Derby Matches Worldwide then I will delve into my main part which concerns the marketing strategy through Derby Matches within English Premier League.

Oh, also before that I should explain what is Derby Match and which matches are included within that category.

Anyways, my passion on soccer led me to write on this field which made me learn more about English Premier League itself and marketing strategy, which I am going to learn at university in the future, for I am planning to major in Business.

I hope you learn much through my research paper, and at the same time, be more interested in soccer itself.

History of English Premier League

Originally, English Premier League stems from The Football League First Division, which was founded in 1888. Until the end of 1980s, English Football marked a low point, although there was a significant success during the 1970s and 1980s for Europeans. However, with the success of 1990 FIFA World Cup for England, as it made to reach semi-finals, UEFA lifted the five-year ban on English clubs playing in European competition, which was primarily cause by hooliganism in England.

With the influx of money, at the end of 1991 season, a proposal for a new league was made, and with the name of English Premier League, the new league went on.

(The original logo of English Premier League)

So the league started in 1992, originally with 17 football clubs.

What is Derby Match?

In terms of soccer, derby match means a sporting fixture between two local rivals. It is often called “crosstown rivalry” in North America. Anyway, as the original country of soccer refers to it as “derby match, most people in the world use the term “derby match” instead of “crosstown rivalry.”

General Marketing Strategy

Many companies invest on football clubs in order to make profits. Like many profit making companies does, in order to make profits, football clubs advertise in various ways. But in most cases, just like this, through their own websites they advertise their matches, commodities and other additional profit making items.

(webside of Manchester United Football Club)

Derby Matches Worldwide

In this part, let me just list few of them, for listing all of them would be space wasting or worthless to know of.


– Seoul National Capital Area Derby – FC Seoul v Suwon Samsung Bluewings – Football

– Honam Derby – Chunnam Dragons v Jeonbuk FC – Football

– Ulsan Derby – Ulsan v Ulsan Hyundai Mipo Dockyard – Football (FA Cup)

– Industrial Derby – Ulsan v Pohang Steelers – Football

– Gyeongin Derby – FC Seoul V Incheon United – Football


– El Clásico – Real Madrid v Barcelona – football

– Andalusian Derby – Sevilla FC v Real Betis

– Catalunya Derby – Barcelona v Español

Although there are much more derby matches, again, I believe listing all of them would be wasting of my space limit. So I only mentioned those in South Korea, as it is my mother nation, and Spain, for its league is one of world’s 4 largest leagues.

Derby Matches in England

Likewise, let me name just few of derby matches within England, because listing all of them would be too much, for football clubs there call their matches derby matches themselves even in the 4th division of the English League!(although they are as good as amateurs.)

– London Derby – Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Tottenham Hotspur, Fulham FC West Ham United, Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace FC

– Birmingham Derby – Aston Villa v Birmingham City FC

– Manchester Derby – Manchester United v Manchester City

– Liverpool Derby – Liverpool FC v Everton FC

Marketing Strategy through Derby Matches Worldwide

Like I said before, I am in short of space to write on. So let me just show one example of how football clubs make marketing strategies through derby matches. Here is an example of El Clásico.

This is from the official website of Barcelona FC. Here, I was able to find out an independent web page to elaborate on El Clásico. It makes people to feel the enthusiasm and get interested in the match itself. Thus making people involved in the match and buy the ticket for it. As you can see from the picture, it updates the latest match of El Clásico, or it makes the most remembered match remained so that people can enjoy its enthusiasm.

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Marketing Strategy through Derby Matches in EPL

Due to a shortage of paper as I am only allowed to write all things in 10 pages, in this part, let me introduce two pictures that can radically show how derby matches in England is like and how football clubs market in the market in order to hook people’s attention.

There is a football player Tevez, who originally played for Manchester United. As you can see in the second picture, he is playing for Manchester United with his number 32. Ironically, this picture is used in the first picture, which is from the advertisement of Manchester City. How? Here is an amazing fact; Tevez moved to Manchester City. Usually, transfer between derby teams is unforgivable, especially between the teams like Manchesters. Anyway, the first picture that Manchester City advertised on is just enough to drag and hook people’s attention on the match and makes people to buy tickets for it.

Concluding Remarks

I do believe that this is not enough for you (readers) to know about the EPL itself and marketing strategies. However I really hope that this was helpful for you learning what EPL is, and how do football clubs in EPL markets on, as well as other football clubs worldwide.

Again, thanks for providing this kind of opportunity that I can delve into one subject and write 10-page-long research paper.


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