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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technology

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Nowadays, computer technology is used in a variety of different ways for everyday life. This has become every body’s necessity whether they realise it or not. Everybody is using technology to some degree, let it be by setting an alarm clock or using a computerised self driving car. In everyday life, technology is used in education, industry, medical procedures, medical research, banking and business etc.

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In education, technology is used in researching information and many online learning courses (e-learning), technology is a necessity for people or children with disabilities e.g. might not be able to talk but learn how to use a computer and can communicate like everyone else. In relation to banking, e-banking transferring money from one account to another automatically, straight forward transactions no ‘waiting/clearance period’, and also people can see their account on line and check daily on account by using on-line services by a touch of a button.

Throughout industries, computerised robots are used to assemble and test products instead of using manual labour. These robots are used to assemble products ten times faster than manual labour. In the advertising industry, many companies are becoming extinct because many people are advertising themselves by using Facebook, Done Deal and many other online services.

In the medical field, the development of digital x-rays have saved a lot of time and has become interlinked with the other hospitals across the world in the research field for especially cancer patients, Alzheimer’s disease patients, doctors able to communicate by ‘Skype’ etc and send information directly to help a patient straight away.

Advantages of Computer Technology:

  1. Computer Technology helps to keep in contact with our family and re-connect with old friends or make new friends by using any services such as Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and many more. People are using online dating to socialise and connect with others also.
  2. Many people can use Google maps to direct them from place to place instead of using the paperback version of maps.
  3. People can have a healthier lifestyle as many programs are issued online, such as diet and exercise programmes.
  4. In the medical field, robots are used to perform key-hole surgery on patients. This means the person is less open to infection, a quicker recovery time and hospital bed management systems have a leaner system in place (patient is less days in hospital).
  5. The majority of shopping nowadays is completed online. For example from groceries to buying a car. This all can be done by computer technology.

Disadvantages of Computer Technology:

  1. Computer Technology has a massive impact on our private and public lives by using many social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. With these types of sites, many people can be tracked through the location on their phone and this can be very dangerous.
  2. There is a wide variety of games that is available online. This has such an impact on the youth of today as it has caused a massive reduction in children reading books and playing sports.
  3. Many people can’t socialise with one another as they feel the need to be on their phone either playing games or social media sites.
  4. In industry, computer technology is used by developing robots to assemble products in a short amount of time. This has led to unemployment as manual labour is kept to a minimum due to the robots being able to assemble products at a much faster speed than humans.
  5. In the medical field if computers ‘break down’ and documents weren’t saved properly files can be lost, and also if malfunction with ‘robotic machines’ that are operated by surgeons if not working properly, there will be delays in operating procedures, schedules will have longer waiting list.

Computer Technology impacts our public and private life:

Computer Technology has a massive impact in our public and private life. In relation to our public life businesses have gained a massive advantage in expanding and updating their company by using Computer Technology. Instead of posting letters to clients or other business people and waiting a day for the delivery, technology has invented the use of emails, faxing and video calls which is sent immediately. A lot of business people don’t attend many meetings these days. They use video calling for important conferences. This reduces time and pressure on these people in travelling from one end of the country to the next. This software has developed programmes such as Microsoft and Excel. It is a way to set up rosters for employees and sort out accounts but there is a disadvantage with this. The invention of this has a big impact on people nowadays. People’s vocabulary and math has demolished greatly by using these programmes. They can automatically calculate figures and check spelling by a click of a button compared to having to use calculators and exceptional vocabulary to write letters and complete accounts. All finances can be sorted online nowadays. This helps you check your account balance and transactions immediately instead of going to your local branch and queuing.  The difficult impact this has on people is that there is a lot of people that can hack into accounts; therefore people must set up correct security on their accounts to avoid this from happening. Entertainment can be seen through technology not only on the television. For example, the news from around the world, whether and it shows whether bank shares have increased or decreased for business people to see. Social media sites have been developed such as LinkedIn which is a great invention nowadays for people looking for employment and even employers seeking new and skilful employees for their company.

In relation to our private life, technology is a great way to stay in contact with family members that may be aboard or old school mates by using Skype or other social media sites such as Facebook. Many people don’t tend to socialise as much as they did. They use many social media sites and online dating to socialise with people. Technology is a great way that saves time and energy in relation to booking a holiday. Instead of standing in a queue and waiting to book flights or checking in luggage etc, this can be all completed online.

Current development of computer technology in relation to healthcare:

Computer technology is a basic essential in hospitals, nursing homes and home care environments; everything is computerised and electronically done so therefore everyone has to have general knowledge and understanding of computers starting with doctors, nurses, management, supervisors and healthcare assistants.

The current development of computer technology in health care is that patient diagnosis and treatments is more efficient and no delays, this could save a person’s life.  Doctor’s are able to connect with other Doctors’ in connection with ‘second opinions’ and past and current findings on treatments, side effects etc.  Technology also helps the patient to understand what a doctor is explaining to them, so the patient can use the internet themselves and completing the physio therapy by using ‘internet’ everyday for daily exercises.

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Everything is computerised so therefore bed management in hospitals and nursing homes have systems in place to let doctors, nurse manager’s etc  know how many bed are free for new patients care.   Systems are in place to make the hospital or nursing home aware of availability as healthcare is also a business so it is ‘lean practising’. Doctors use technology for all digital scanning systems e.g. MRI, Cat-Scan, X-Ray etc.  Doctors use computerised robots to perform surgeries and can get access information from hospitals and doctors across the world for reference.

A Healthcare assistant will use technology so therefore to have a basic training is essential, because from using an electric hoist, electronic wheel chair, computerised sterilisation methods, in-house emailing system/shuttle systems for medication to be transported, accessing files for care plan, writing your journal notes, rosters of work and also helping a patient with their laptop, computer or television so that they can use it, this can relax the patient and help with the healing process.

Legislations that should be aware of:

Everybody should be aware of the different legislations that are in place. They are in place in order to protect individuals’ safety in a workplace or public or private life.

One of our legislations are Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, this outlines the duties of the employer and the employees that must be foreseen throughout working hours.

Data protection Act 1988 and 2003 this act ensures personal data information is kept private and secure, accurate and up-to-date with records.

Freedom of Information Acts 1998 and 2003 allows members of the public to have a legal right to see information held by certain bodies and everyone has a legal right to see anything they wish.

Defamation Act 2009 is an act to protect any person’s good name, if they are innocent and wrongfully exposed and their reputation could be damaged from false statements.


By completing this assignment I have learned that I am more aware of computer technology and how it plays a massive role in both public and private life. Nowadays in the 21st century, we rely a lot on computer technology. Many people put a lot of their private life on the internet which leaves it open for other people to see which can result in robbery, people been very vulnerable and loss of communication as computers have taken over their lives. This is shown children for the future that there will be a major lack of communication skills and physical interaction with other individuals.


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