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The Positive and Negative Effects of Technology

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Technology is everywhere. It is a tool that certainly changes the world and how it operates. Many people today are familiar with the technology and its use; it might become extremely important in aspects of our life also evolved in over the past decades and even now made our life simpler, easier, convenient and more comfortable. This notion of the technological development and obvious human capability could cause a massive impact on how the world operates. Unfortunately, nowadays, technologies possibly play both positive and negative rules; depending on how can we invest it. Furthermore, if technology invested and used in useful and positive ways then it might give us a good influence whereas, if it used in negative ways, it will probably cause us a negative influence. In my opinion, it seems that technologies have had a great effect on today’s lifestyle. On the other hand, there are many people omit to believe about some negative effects that related to the use of technologies. This essay will focus on the extent to which negative and positive influence of the technology on some areas of the human’s lifestyle.

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HT Media Ltd (2014) argues that the characteristics of technology certainly provide unlimited belongings while their negative influence on personal relationship may be examined methodically also it could take too long time to recognize the problem, so we should re-study the function of the technology impact on our lifestyle. A part from this, it sometimes makes us restive and confused. These harmful impacts might produce serious problems that we should deal with. Thus, it may be observed that the principle accessibility of technology may reduce the distance between us in order to the growth of the social relationships, and then we might need much more technologies to keeping and strengthening our personal relationships.

It could also possible say that the personal relationships possibly changed significantly. Several people might become used for intelligent and modern devices such as computers, laptops and phones. Thus, they could browse the Internet and will may use the most common social networking applications like Twitter, Skype, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. The communication technology and social sites certainly provided interaction smother and easier with each other, whereas, also have certainly provided public separated from another people because that it could reduce the demand to make communication face-to-face conversation. As a result, it is fair to say that the impacts of those social networking sites are very obvious not only on our personal relationships, but also on many parts of our routine such as privacy, freedom, person’s independent and education (HT Media Ltd, 2014).

The relationship between the students and their families and friends could have a massive effect not just on the health such mental and physical problems. In recent years, many people spend a long time of their day in front of the systems and electronic devices, which might lead to obesity and lastly a great threat to the health, but also on the education. What is more, the family probably support student to achieve the aim of their studies, and may help them to reduce the harmful impacts of stressful life actions due to; there are some students could live a lone which might make them more socially separated, and they may become more relay on the modern electronic devices to getting on engagement and social support. Thus, students certainly use the Internet to communicate frequently with friends and family by emails and text messages being the favourites instruments and technology devices (Weber, 2003).

Certainly, some technological developments might cause populaces to be distracted, too worried, and gradually out-of-the-way also many people may be tangled in many numbers of societies with the technologies today however; the property of these relationships might make people feeling qualitatively empty. Clearly, technology has had a reflective impact on what it means to be social Robert (2014). In figure (1) shows communities, social networking sites, and today’s communication tools that use it students. This study of students and technology observed that 97 percent of students graphed used social networking sites to stay in touch with their friends. As a result, technology might have strongly affected to students on their personal relationship.

Source: Robert (2014).

Pew Internet & American Life Project (2002) suggests that nowadays, generation of the learners that attend to the institutions of study like universities, colleges and schools could be have unprotected to technology so early and they have been more familiar with it. In the same way, Anderson (2001) states that about twenty percent of the learners attend to schools are used modern electronic devices, when they were between 5 and 8 years old and all these children certainly activated using the computers whenever they increased using it as well. In one sense, there are many reasons for huge uses of the Internet and the technology could be connecting with family, classmate, and friends. It seems that some communication applications and sites like Email, MySpace Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WeChat, LinkedIn, Tango and scores of others by these all sites we could contact each other in any position on over all the world easily and smoothly. Lickerman (2010) mentions that it appears that these fantastic ways and interconnectedness might be solution of our problems. In fact, it may be too expensive.

Furthermore, there is a strong connection between technologies and education. Technology may rapidly blossom in the last twenty years. It would become not just a familiar tool, whereas also certainly improved the knowledge and our skills of the research as an educator. Moreover, it would engage us to study since it could be easy to access and able to share learning materials. Educational technology could be a study and moral training for facilitating teaching and improving performance also it in education may be just an additional chance to achieve education, if we do not time or opportunities to do it another way. In that case, then it could result in the good changes of pedagogy and teaching ways all over the world in order to we could observe the advantages that educational technology and also might create educational chances for students and teachers. On the other hand, it might have a negative effect on students at classroom, which causes no controlling device use, distractions, the risk of cyber-bullring and limiting face-to-face communication due to the difference in available a wonderful technology and preparation needed for operating technologies in teaching could also discover various disadvantages (Sosnowski, 2014).

Above all, there is no universal argument in the legal society about organization of the computer crime, probably just one reason for that which certainly the rapidly developing state of computer technologies day by day. In 1979, U.S. Department of Justice Publication, divided computer crime into three main parts: First of all, Computer abuse “…the broad range of international acts involving a computer where one or more perpetrators made or could have made gain and one or victims suffered or could have suffered a loss” .In the Second part, Computer crime “…Illegal computer abuse implies direct involvement of computers in committing a crime. In the last part, computer related crimes “…any illegal act for which a knowledge of computer technology is essential for successful prosecution”.

In short, these definitions of these parts possibly become cleared by the massive production of computers and electronic devices related products over a few years ago. Thus, the development of effective computer network security law and public policy could not be accomplished without co-operation between the technical and legal communities. Unfortunately, in many countries there are no substances of laws that could protect a person’s privacy when they browse the Internet. The rules that try to set a standard of privacy are substances of the laws beginning with the constitution and remaining down to local laws. These laws are not geared for the Internet. These laws may be to protect a person’s informational privacy.

In the other way, privacy might be one of the most conditions where technology effects significantly signs both the real and the practical landscape. There are a number of demands where in order to increase personal privacy sources, especially in the private areas, demand a great deal of personal information. So the information in the right sides makes the chances for a huge convenience, allowing people access and share information more methodically associated to them. In contrast, the incorrect sides, this information might cause confusion on individual in the shape of financial damage, or identity stealing. Some agencies sector might be going as far as to secure the information and the law enforcement (Hale, 2005).

Hale (2005) states in report explaining identity hazards that face recognition technology (FRT) might lead to a full investigation personal freedom prohibiting privacy as organization might use it to detect people at anytime and location. Clearly, it might lead to eliminate not just people’s freedom, but also their independence as well.

To sum up, the usages of technologies on various areas of the human’s lifestyle could be has both positive and negative consequences. Great site by the way, the connecting technologies in the educational process might makes education enjoyable and more comfortable for the educators and the learners as well and also helps to combine connection education and employment. The technology should be used when it completely benefits us also when it is needed as well and people should try to communicate with each other by meeting in order to improve their society. In contrast, it is not possible to reverse the negative effects of technologies; people should try to avoid it in order to get benefited which helps us in money saving and use it more comfortable and securable. The larger our sense of the freedom and independency as human, we continually try to free ourselves from the limits forced by nature, society, and a new technologies which may lead to more control on our lifestyle. It appears that the use of these technologies probably increasing annually that let us nowadays to look at it more critically.


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