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The Business of Tourism and Hospitality in the Great Barrier Reef

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Tourism
Wordcount: 1296 words Published: 18th May 2020

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The Business of Tourism and Hospitality


 Whitsundays Islands are one of the Australia’s most iconic luxury destinations which are a group of islands situated right at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. This Whitsundays Island is protected by the Reef and acting as a shield, it saves them from the oceanic covers. The Whitsundays Islands are one of the safest and the most relaxing cruising waters and the most popular tourist destination for the travellers all over the world. Situated in just the centre of the Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsunday Islands is an essential wonderful Australian travel experience. Made up of 2900 reefs, it is the largest reef structure and the greatest marine park in the world. The media outlet that has been used in this blog is the social media outlet, that helps in the branding and the promotion of the tourism sector of the Great barrier reef.

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The tourism sector of the Great Barrier Reef is one of the major industries which contributes to almost $5.4 billion to the Australian economy, providing employment to a huge number of people. The tourism operator of the Great Barrier Reef invites almost three million visitors every year. For the last ten years, the tourism industry has been protecting and advocating for the Great Barrier Reef through a range of significant environmental, educational and different kind of other initiatives. Being a global destination, the tourism operators take legal actions to tackle the climate change. The change in the environmental conditions maximum due to human effort is ruining the reef. The tourism sector works so that the Great Barrier Reef stands as the best reef in the future. The marine tourism of the reef helps to maintain the diversity, the integrity and the productivity of the region. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (GBRMP) helps in the income generation, of the nation which eventually has a rapid development in the tourism infrastructure of the concerned area. The Cairns and the Whitsundays Areas make up approximately about 7 percent of the Marine Park. There is generation of the direct and indirect employment by this tourism industry. The hotels and the restaurant in the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays Islands have the opportunity of earn directly. The tourism sector collaborates with the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the important contribution is made for the sustainability.

The factors influencing the tourism industry of the Great Barrier Reef are the proper environmental conditions at the particular destination. Even the economic turbulence of the economy of the country is not desired for the torism sector to woirk in it sbest form. The country’s financial condition must be doing good. Also the tourism of this destination depends on the research importance of the place and the technological factors as well. In this modern generation, the internet should penetrate to almost every corner of the world, so that effective feedbacks can be receive d through the internet also. Among the social impacts of the tourism sector over the Great Barrier Reef include increased population pressures on the services such as sewage, transport, electricity. The rapid tourism development also effects the water quality of the region. Drilling and mining the vast swathes of the reef, have resu,lted in immense destruction of the coastal areas of the Reef. The government earlier had no special interest to improve the adverse conditions and was equally responsible to destroy one of the greatest destinations of the world. The Legal decisions on the part of the Australian government have affected the region as well. The tourism activities like focus on the motorized and the non-motorized vessels and the marine activities, the boat induced damage such as the ship groundings and the anchoring have cumulative impacts on the coral reef. The wildlife species and the animal population also gets affected to a great extent of recreational activities. The impact of tourism results in the difference in the species. Along with the other factors that have an impact over the tourism sector of the Great Barrier Reef is the technological changes. There have been various medical advances along with the innovative space tourism. Better communication, transport and safety invite greater number of customers in this industry.

There are a number of factors that influence  the success of the tourism industry and the ability to meet the need of the customers are the proper plan of action. Primarily the factors that have a positive impact upon the tourism sector are proper environmental factors, the socio-economic factors which involve the accessibility, accommodation and other subsidiary services. Religious, and cultural factors also help in the improvement of the tourism industry that help the customers to meet their need and satisfaction.

The tourism and the industry sector face a number of challenges related to the sustainability. The challenges that need to be resolved through the greening of the industry are the energy and the Greenhouse Gas emissions, the effective water management and the water consumption. The tourism industry mist find innovative solutions in order to remain competitive in the market.

The Tourism Sector of the Great Barrier Reef can have a greater impact over the business and the economy of the region if there is advancement in the transport technology in the inaccessible regions of the reef and the islands. Also there can be a creation of the streamline website for the efficiency. The hospitality service should be improved in order to gain an improvement in the tourism sector.


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