Human Rights Experts

We currently have 24 writers qualified in the area of Human Rights. You can see the academic level of work that each writer is qualified to write, in the table below:

Writer ID Qualification Level
145Masters (PGD) Distinction (70%+)
1686Masters (PGD) Distinction (70%+)
23890Masters (PGD) Merit (60-69%)
25269Masters (PGD) Merit (60-69%)
25875Masters (PGD) Distinction (70%+)
26261MPhil Pass
26304Masters (PGD) Merit (60-69%)
26327MPhil Pass
27065Masters (PGD) Pass (50-59%)
27480Undergraduate 1st (70-74%)
27525Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
27733Masters (PGD) Merit (60-69%)
27962Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
28465Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
28634Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
28722Undergraduate 1st (70-74%)
28832MPhil Pass
28941Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29024Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29034Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29038Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29053Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29137Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29167Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29181Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29190Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29239Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29250Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29259Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29273Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)

This was last updated on 21/04/2020

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