Essays on: Nutrition

Nutrition regards the process of absorbing nutrients from food to fuel the body and maintain health. Foods are primarily made up of the macronutrients carbohydrates, protein and fat which are used by the body in different ways.



Problems of excessive meat consumption
23rd Feb 2021
Introduction: Nowadays, meat consumption is becoming an uncontrollable problem. As a result of high consumption, different kinds of issues occurred....

Food Nutrition History
23rd Feb 2021
Introduction: The history of food and nutrition dates back as far as the beginning of recorded history. In the era of hunters and gathers, people knew that they had to eat in order to survive....

Impact of Junk Food on Health
23rd Feb 2021
Introduction: Junk foods are called fast foods. As the name says they are easy to prepare and can be consumed very quickly. They are low in nutritional value and have fat, salt etc....

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