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Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of Accounting

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  • A review on UK pensions which have received much coverage in the financial press over the last 10 years, extracts from two articles:
  • An explanation of the difference between cash and profit using Tweedie plc to illustrate your points.
  • Applying the ideas of Castells regarding the network society, critically discuss the approach of the Digital Britain report to social inclusion/ exclusion in the UK.
  • Budgeting is argued to be one important management accounting issue. Write a report or essay evaluating the importance of budgeting in 2000 words.
  • Critically assess how the use of principles-based standards will aid effective standard-setting by the IASB, and aid decision-usefulness for stakeholders. You should develop your arguments in the context of appropriate accounting theory.
  • Critically discuss the extent to which the requirements of IAS 19 Employee Benefits have led to a situation where all companies present financial statements in compliance with IFRS provide information that is useful to a wide range of users in making economic decisions.
  • Discuss this statement in the context of the United Kingdom Corporate Taxation regime in a report not exceeding 2,000 words in length.
  • Economic uncertainty requires more flexible budgeting systems, critically discuss.
  • Is it possible to account for sustainability?
  • It is about recognition issue in accounting area.
  • Many firms discover that they do not hold enough information about customers Management accountants can play a key role in providing such information (Brear, 2002). Critically comment on this statement and undertake a literature review to examine the various ways the management accountant may contribute to marketing and other decisions within organisations.
  • Prepare a marginal costing cost statement for your energy drink.
  • What are the key roles which a strategic management accountant would undertake in an organisation such as Jessup?
  • What are the symptoms that Chan and Lee argue accompany a poorly designed or obsolete costing system?
  • What would be an appropriate resolution of this dilemma? (consider steps, threats and safeguards, principles, the public interest and conceptual framework).
  • Would the use of full fair value accounting in financial statements benefit investors?
  • You have been appointed to project manage the implementation of a new computerised accounting information system. It is intended that the package to be implemented will be SAGE 50.
  • Summarise normative (pure) stakeholder theory including the ethical principles on which it is justified. Critically discuss the extent to which the application of normative stakeholder theory by business organisations in their core operations would enable the role of business in society to be fulfilled. Illustrate your answer with examples.
  • A critical analysis for the attachment journal with comparing with one relevant journal.
  • At the ICAEW conference in December 2009, the American approach to corporate governance was summed up in the expression "The snarling head of American regulation".
  • Critically appraise the developments, challenges and understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR), by business and academics in today's business environment.
  • Critically discuss the extent to which the requirements of IAS 19 Employee Benefits have led to a situation where all companies presenting financial statements in compliance with IFRS provide information that is useful to a wide range of users in making economic decisions.
  • Critically evaluate the argument that pollution allowances represent assets that should be reported on the balance sheets of companies entitled to such allowances.
  • In your role as management accountant, compile an informal report for the chief executive.
  • The Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) is a very useful model and it is used widely in the industry even though it is based on very strong assumptions.
  • Write a Report to the UK government entitled Lessons from Enron For British Business.
  • You have developed a new soft drink, which you believe could revolutionise the energy drink market. It is a healthy alternative to the existing range of energy drinks.
  • Bearing in mind the attached accounting spreadsheets and other information would you recommend investing in Burnfish plc. Bear in mind issues potentially relating to off balance sheet assets. Also bear in mind the current financial climate. Give your answer in reference to three other recent takeovers in Britain.
  • We live in a world awash with numbers that mean almost nothing. The service sector, public and private, dominates the British economy. The most important assets of any service business are intangible: its people, their skills, a brand image. Those are the assets that provide a service business with its competitive advantage and reputation. You do not judge the Carphone Warehouse by the quality of its buildings or the state of the carpets. Yet those are the assets that are recorded on the balance sheets of service companies; tangible assets such as buildings, cars, computers, furniture’
  • Using the information given in the scenario, you are required to write a report recommending whether or not to invest in Hobart plc.
  • Discuss the relative merits of three main types of materials pricing systems
  • Discuss the state of the world accounting system with reference to intangible assets and the related processes such as amortisation and capitalisation. How far is the worldwide divergence in accounting systems problematic? How realistic are balance sheets compared with the actual financial picture? What solutions are there?

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