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Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of Childcare

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  • Art as a Therapy for Children with Learning Disabilities
  • Critically evaluate the extent to which poverty impacts on childrens lives,(0 - 8 years age range ).
  • Using drama in health promotion for children in public schools in Saudi Arabia
  • A critical evaluation of the learning environment and the teacher as a reflective practitioner.
  • Discuss the role of the adult in promoting a holistic approach to quality provision in early years reflecting on your own contribution in your setting. Use a reference section citing those texts to which you have made reference.
  • Managing a Quality Curriculum.
  • Write a small scale practical report critically evaluating some aspect of provision in the local community i.e children's centre. North West England.
  • Write an essay about symbolic play as therapeutic play for children.
  • Written analysis of a contemporary issue related to children.

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