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Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of Finance

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  • Provide a real life example of a long-term external source of finance used by a UK listed company. Describe the nature of this financial arrangement (e.g. purpose, duration, risk assessment).
  • An essay on corporate governance and provide recommendations on organisation expected to comply with UK corporate governance code.
  • Analyse why, despite employing various investment appraisal techniques, large investment projects in the UK may fail to deliver their estimated cash flows. Critically assess how an organisations failed capital project may affect key stakeholders and shareholder value, and also shape the future strategy of investment capital.
  • Controlling health care costs.
  • Critically assess the relationship between the internal and external audit and the role of accounting systems and internal controls in providing assurance to the auditor.
  • Discuss the contrasting evidence on the validity of this interpretation of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis.
  • Discuss the potential impact of the recent financial crisis on the capital structure of UK companies. The FTSE 100 share you have been allocated should be mentioned in your discussion.
  • Discuss the role of high-risk and below investment grade securities in the current financial crisis.
  • E-business and consumer trust
  • International Finance Transactions: A Critical Appraisal and Evaluation of the Legal and Practical Methods for Transferring Loans in a Syndicated Loan Participation Agreement.
  • Select a quoted property company or a Real Estate investment trust in which to invest £10,000. Prepare a report of up to 2000 words to describe the reasons for the suggested investment?
  • Takaful is often referred to as an Islamic variant of mutual or co-operative insurance. Explain the differences between conventional insurance and mutual or co-operative insurance. Further explain the key differences and similarities between mutual insurance and Takaful.
  • What investments were made, and why?
  • What is a Eurobond? Explain the reasons for both issuers and investors wishing to use such financial instruments.
  • Write a critical analysis of a set of published accounts, or aspects of the accounts (Brinkley mining) and if report is matching the financial statements (Income statement Balance sheet cash flow).
  • You are required to examine in detail the latest available Annual Report of the National Express Group plc, in order to provide an "in depth analysis" of the business and its financial performance. The submission should include a detailed review of the most recent available Annual Report and will use key financial ratios (important) to analyse the financial statements in the Annual Report.
  • Assess the limitations of economists' idea of a perfect capital market as a basis for theorising modern global capital markets.
  • Critically analyse the relative merits of the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and empirical approaches to asset pricing (such as the Fama and French model).
  • Critically discuss the credit crunch and its effect on the corporate sector.
  • Do behavioural biases induce risk shifting behaviour in conventional funds?
  • Management of financial resources and performance.
  • Outline and critically discuss the Miller Modigliani theorems in light of the real company information that you have collected and the academic literature on capital structure. (you can choose one of the energy company: Chevron,Devon Energy,Hess Corporation or Energy Conversion).
  • The financial instrument accounting standards have proved to be highly controversial, attracting much unwelcome publicity.

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