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Sample politics Essay Questions

Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of Politics

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  • Analyse the differences in terms of context between the 2010 Spending Review conducted by the Coalition government and the five Spending Reviews conducted by the previous Labour government between 1997 and 2007.
  • Compare and contrast Kant and Foucaults understanding of the Enlightenment.
  • Critically evaluate the case for and against global governance.
  • Does politics matter for public policy- Illustrate your answer by comparing NHS system in Britain and Private Health Care system in US.
  • Have ethnic identities assisted or hindered development and related political processes in Africa?
  • How important was the principle of sovereign equality at the Peace of Versailles?
  • How Special is the Special Relationship (with special reference to Suez and the Iraq War?
  • How would you evaluate the contributions of realism, liberalism and Marxism to the study of globalisation?.
  • Is democracy best understood as a process or as an outcome? What is the difference? Chose a context and demonstrate what constitutes the democratic process, its outcomes and critically assess its limits.
  • Is democracy necessary to bring development. with examples-
  • Is there a tension between political and social citizenship rights? Use one of the worlds of welfare capitalism as a example.
  • Report on Gender and development issues in one country that you know about. Your report should attempt to answer the question. Considering the statement
  • The American polity became democratic more in spite of than because of the constitution.
  • The French government remains a good European. However, French voters have become increasingly Euro sceptic.
  • The Middle Easts early encounters with European empires continue to shape the regions interaction with the international system.
  • Liberalism and World Politics
  • What are the central obstacles to global governance? Can they be overcome?
  • What factors increase the pace of political change and what factors decrease the pace of political change?
  • What features of contemporary liberalism do its communitarian critics especially single out for criticism and why?
  • Why is Cosmopolitanism such a contested concept?
  • Why is so important for the international community to develop a new international treaty to replace they Kyoto protocol? What issues does the new protocol need to address?
  • Write essay to out line the problems of the first past to post system and consider whether the alternative vote would provide a fairer system.
  • A Critical Review of theoretical Approaches to GPE (Global Political Economy).
  • Elaborate on concepts of just war and warfare in Cicero and Augustine and compare those.
  • After 200 years on turmoil, the onset of the Fifth Republic in 1958 finally brought about political stability in France.
  • 'Can Canada's political sovereignty be reconciled with the economic integration that NAFTA was designed to encourage?
  • Does positive discrimination undermine equality of opportunity?
  • In which you will choose one theory of revolution discussed in class and use that theory to analyse one post-1950 revolution.
  • Is 'citizenship' strengthened, or weakened, by 'globalization'?
  • Is identity a matter of government or culture?
  • Maciavellis The Prince is merely an exercise in cynicism.
  • Power has long been central to academic analysis of world politics, but it has generally been understood in very narrow terms, as material capability. How does attention to the multi-dimensional character of power force us to rethink the character of world politics, and of IR itself? Illustrate your answer with reference to states.
  • Should euthanasia be legalised.
  • Should there be a freedom of information in the UK.
  • The Global Climate Summit 3--A geopolitical and economic analysis.
  • To what extent do Marxist theories of international relations follow or differ from realist theories?
  • What is the author's viewpoint and purpose?
  • Why is there no place for 'industry' in Hobbes' 'state of nature'?

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