Sample english literature Essay Questions

Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of English Literature

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  • Analyze George Orwells Politics and the English Language.
  • Compare and contrast the ways in which your three chosen texts support or challenge this statement.
  • Critical, Evaluative and Reflective Writing
  • Discuss the text in the context of other books, such as other work by the same author, or books by different authors that have a common theme (non stereotypical princesses)?.
  • Discuss whether the ideas, attitudes and extracts revealed in the extract are to be found in the second tetragonal of Shakespeares history plays.(Richard II, Henry IV part one, Henry IV part two and Henry V )as a whole. Illustrate your answers with appropriate examples.
  • How do the overlapping narrative modes (the preliminary material, the action and the magic theatre) in Herman Hesses Steppenwolf enhance the readers understanding of the novels themes?
  • How does Dombey and Son show the interconnectedness of London Life?
  • How does Shakespeare engage the audience in Macbeth Act 2? Use quotes to back up your answer.
  • Identity is mobile: a process not a thing; a becoming, not a being (Simon Frith).
  • Questions of different themes have to be answered from the book "Elements of Literature", Sixth course, from Holt, Rinehart and Winston and summary of a text.
  • This is an analytical essay in which I have to analyze Ambrose Bierces narrative style in relation to the literary movement he belongs to and its historical context?.
  • Under what circumstances are we "free" in the novels The Blood of Others (Simone De Beauvoir) The Outsider (Albert Camus) and (Fyodor Dostoyevsky) Crime and Punishment
  • Discuss the 5 senses, so touch, smell, taste, hearing, seeing.
  • Analyse critically the process and consequences of dehumanisation.
  • Describe the literary techniques John Edgar Wideman uses in his story 'Fever' and discuss their effects.
  • Discuss the relationship between acting and identity in Sizwe Bansi Is Dead (by Athol Fugard) and Death And The Maiden (by Ariel Dorfman).
  • Discuss the role of the courage of children in both Little Women (Louise Alcott) and Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson).
  • Dystopia is merely a utopia from another point of view'. (John Carey)
  • Explore the relevance of Peter Hunt's claim in relation to Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone.
  • 'Frankenstein's act of creation may be read as a symbolic repudiation of violence against women.
  • How do the serious and lighter elements of Paul Muldoon's style combine together to create poems that are both odd and unique?
  • How far does Shakespeare's presentation of the two kings support this assessment?
  • 'The central interest in Rebecca is not the relationship between Maxim de Winter and his second wife, but the relationship between the two wives.
  • 'The Fifties' male had a clear vision of what a man was'. In what ways does The Talented Mr Ripley support or critique that vision?
  • 'Twentieth-century literature both draws upon and departs from tradition to understand the present'.
  • Write an essay on 'either' Yeats' mystical poetry 'or' his political poetry.
  • Write an essay to discuss the importance of dreams and dreaming in the play.

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