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Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of Sociology

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  • An investigation of the attitudes and behaviour of different social groups in relation to drug use and misuse.
  • Analyse and account for the differences between media representations of single-sex schooling in England and corresponding academic accounts.
  • Can hacking computers be an ethical activity?
  • Compare and contrast the views of Marx and Bourdieu on class conflict.
  • Critically compare the arguments concerning the extent to which gender is considered a factor in the planning of developments and design of domestic dwellings with bibliography.
  • Critically discuss the role of homosocial bonds in establishing male heterosexuality. this in relation to TWO specific examples in detail, with reference to the reading.
  • Critically evaluate Marxs account of the origins of the industrial revolution in Britain.
  • Critically examine the impact of global media on the position of women in the middle east, in terms of economic and educational.
  • Critically review Durkheim E (2002) Suicide : a study in sociology / Emile Durkheim ; translated by John A. Spaulding and George Simpson ; edited with an introduction by George Simpson. London : Routledge
  • Describe and analyse the structural and functional changes that have occurred during the last century.
  • Discuss some of the changes and trends in family life in Britain over the last 50 years and outline two different sociological perspectives on the family.
  • Essay: Gender Revolution - has this stalled?
  • Evaluate the Chinese room argument?
  • Is modern Feminism right to criticise classical sociology for failing to address the nature of gender inequalities?
  • Select two models of therapy and compare their main approach to the understanding and treatment of mental disorders?
  • Social Constructionist theory versus Post Modernism in explaining world-wide Parenting.
  • The concept of gender is a contested one. Outline and evaluate what you consider to be the most significant debates within the social sciences as to what gender is and its importance as a source of social meaning and power in contemporary British society.
  • The effects of the proposed withdrawal of child benefit from higher rate taxpayers
  • The idea of community has always been central to the construction of group and individual identity.
  • The JPG attached are examples of work that needs to be carried out, how they are conducted? This would give the writer some idea. Please do get the writer to look at these contexts.
  • The role of science and its relation to homosexuality; as represented by popular journalism. From the onset of AIDS (1960s) until present day.
  • To what extent can the foundational ideas on class still be said to be relevant to understanding social stratification and divisions in contemporary society?
  • With reference to alienation (Marx), anomie (Durkheim), and rationalisation (Weber), what are the similarities and differences in the hopes and fears that the classical theorists had for the future of society?
  • Write a 5000 word assignment to conduct a deep investigation of classic & existing theory & to examine that theory in practice addressing the current management problem identified in the topic in the attachment.
  • Write an essay on someones autobiography- someones Life History.
  • Achievement-related to schools, the subject around this will involve, class, gender and ethnicity.
  • Carry out a critical analysis of perspectives and their conceptual basis based on a review of literature, on qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Critically examine feminist analyses of the forms and functions of the modern state.
  • Critically examine the respective roles of psychogenesis and sociogenesis in Elias's account of the emergence of the modern state.
  • Describe and discuss what is involved in partnership building, with particular reference to Social Capital.
  • Describe the work of a voluntary/community organisation or NGO/social enterprise.
  • Drawing on relevant social statistics, briefly summarise the key socio-demographic trends in the UK and discuss their consequences for social policies.
  • Evaluate factors contributing to low healthy life expectancy in the developed world. Critically assess possible solutions to these problems.
  • Gender Uptake of Personal & State Supported Health Promoting Behaviour in the U.K.
  • Give a critical book review on Andre Gorz reclaiming work beyond the wage based society.
  • How useful is a critique of Ulrich Becks' theory of the 'risk society' for our understanding of the relationship between modern society and the environment?
  • Identify and define a key concept from power.
  • Is the anti-globalisation movement the same as the anti-capitalist movement?
  • Michael Shiner 'Post-Lawrence Policing in England and Wales: Guilt, Innocence and the Defence of Organizational Ego' British Journal of Criminology (2010) 50 (5): 935-953.
  • Outline and discuss the Marxist tradition of social theory. What is the legacy of this tradition for sociology?
  • Please provide a report on evaluating the different theoretical approaches to understanding health & illness in society at present under (Marxist debate).
  • Principles of Social crime prevention have little to offer in the development of effective crime prevention practices.
  • Recent trends in science fiction and utopian thinking in the West seem to circle around the problems of embodiment and mortality. Thus key themes are cloning, cyborgs, trans- and post-humanism and so on. This is probably linked among other things- to a rising consciousness of ecological crisis, to increasing secularisation and materialism.
  • Thatcherism revolutionised the British welfare state.
  • The NGO Organisation is: COVAW (The Coalition on Violence Against Women - Kenya).
  • To what extent do you consider that the processes of globalization have resulted in a transformation of the modern state
  • Transport and Mobility: Inequality in Mobility affecting Disabled people in UK.

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