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Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat or an Aid to the Future of Humanity?

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Wordcount: 2001 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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Artificial intelligence has made many transformations in out life’s. The voyage of technological developments has started long ago whereby mankind has experienced the benefits of technological developments in the shape of better medication, better food and, these all factors have not only provided better living standards but also provided grounds for advanced research and development. The signs of technological progressions are although drew back in last few periods but the growths during 1990’s have entirely altered the entire situation with transformational developments in local segment to industrial production and in exchange and processing (Frey and Osborne, 2017).

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Artificial intelligence is industrialised by modelling and imitating human brain so it has the ability to achieve different tasks similar to humans (Zhang, et al., 2016). Artificial intelligence has changed the industrial area by captivating it into an entirely different and much progressive world with state of the art digitalized technology in the form of automatic and logical machines that has shaped industrial robots, facial recognition, self-driven transportation systems and many other alike systems. In many areas, it is rightly said that AI enabled systems can perform most of the jobs just like humans. In fact, in certain areas, they are much better than human. 

In this context, there is a rising anxiety that has also been confirmed by different AI expert studies that machineries by employing artificial intelligence are more capable of performing different tasks as compare to human which is a threat to the future of human in many areas. Mostly manual tasks with repeated order are most prone to be shifted to machines in near future while the human role will be shifted to supervisory and checking the operative and performance outputs of machines

AI is not a danger to the future of humanity rather it will praise human physical abilities and performance in many ways. Science has shown that human brain and its skills are not being used completely rather just part of human brain is being utilized for centuries. This phenomenon sets the grounds to believe that since human brain is not totally being used so human performance and skills at present are also incomplete and there is a lot more that human can do to transform their lives to advanced levels. Human brain has 100 trillion (approximately) electrically leading neurons or cells due to which human are able of execution different tasks professionally but not to the full potential which is yet to be found. In this manner, different studies prove that computers and machines can aid and take human brain and performance to the next level. In this manner, the potential of AI is much high since it is also based on human neural network like model and does on similar logical device so it can open new doors for human knowledge and growth e.g. computers are capable of increase of 134,341 by 989,999 which is impossible with a regular human brain. The point of the conversation is that, the enhanced computers and AI abilities will compel human brain to think onward beyond our regular mental abilities. Technology will cover the way for flared the vision and possible of mankind which will bring new developments and efficiency in different areas of our life (Wong and Bressler, 2016). 

It is vital to know that machines with AI are adaptive in nature that means they are able to arrange and align their operative according to their surrounding environment and also as per desired results. In this manner, the ultimate results are most accurate and refined with greater efficiency and quality which provides solutions to complex problems in the industrial and manufacturing process and other fields. This is the reason that automation is rapidly growing in the goods processing and manufacturing industry because it enables fast and accurate production i.e. resulting in better return over investment (ROI) and other advantages for the firms which takes organizations ahead of their competitors with a greater pace in the competitive and rapidly changing global market.

Another great contribution of artificial intelligence is in the field of computing by enhancing the machine capabilities with fast processing of greater amount of data at much reduced costs. Artificial intelligence has gained significant importance due to its much higher and efficient computing ability and power, algorithms and data characteristics. In this manner, the computing industry has revolutionized with enhanced ability of processor, greater amount of data management and efficient handling with comparatively reduced quantity of machines but having technologically advanced features. In this way, the data processing, storage and handling have enhanced which has improved the capabilities to process different computing applications in a real time environment. This real time data processing has revolutionized the fields of medical science, space research, telecommunication and industrial production and processing.

Artificial intelligence has taken the business segment to an entirely new era with state of the art computing and analytical systems which has greatly contributed in different areas including business management and office administration, accounts and finance, sales and marketing, customer service, product and services development, procurement, logistics, technical and other areas in different industries. The artificial intelligence has brought global businesses close and interlinked with state of the art real time communication and data processing. The availability and fast transmission of data contributes in quick decision making while enhancing overall performance and efficiency.

In this regard, it is notable that data plays a vital role in the business cycle. Artificial intelligence enables greater amounts of data handling; efficiently and effectively in much productive manner which facilitates in complex business decision making situations by efficiently controlling, analyzing and understanding the situation, due to which the ultimate decisions are mostly very practical and logical therefore they prove to be successful. In this context, large global organizations are acquiring smaller and private artificial intelligence start-ups to take their organizations towards success by developing products and services and making futuristic decisions that are practically viable and successful for the organization and its stake holders in the long run.

A great contribution of artificial intelligence is in the area of healthcare by diagnosing and treating complicated diseases and providing necessary information and aid in conducting some very sensitive operations, implants and figuring out the performance and life of different organs. The role of technology is conducting research in the field of medicines and advanced equipment is also remarkable which has advanced the mankind towards a healthy and safe life.

Artificial intelligence based systems are playing active role against corruption while ensuring and enhancing clear and ethical practices within and across nations. The growing computerization, automation and artificially intelligent systems have reduced manual record keeping and accounting practices in different areas and thereby the efficiency, accuracy and verification of record is enhanced by making complex decisions and calculations in a matter of just few seconds. In this manner, the chances of corruption, under-invoicing, bribing, unwanted delays and unethical favors are easily monitored and controlled since any computerized record can be monitored from anywhere around the world. The banking industry has been greatly benefited due to these intelligent systems with increased efficiency, reliability and performance of their business and also other segments and areas of life which is obviously a great blessing.

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AI can also contribute in managing and maintaining better law and order situation by facilitating the law enforcement agencies. By developing complete criminal records with the history of potential and habitual law offenders, the authorities can solve different cases by tracking the culprits in much reduced time. In this manner, the efficiency of law enforcement authorities will be enhanced which will complement in maintaining peace and stability in the society.

AI enabled road traffic system can maintain efficient and convenient traffic flow particularly during peak hours by means of automated traffic signal system coupled with sensors and artificially intelligent computer systems which can assess and control the traffic load in different city areas. This system will enable smooth traffic flow while saving time, resources and fatigue at busy traffic spots. Additionally, it will reduce traffic accidents and loss of precious lives and assets.  Such intelligent traffic systems have already been experimented and employed in certain parts of the world.

AI is playing a very significant role in controlling terrorism and smuggling across nations. Advanced technology and intelligent systems have been deployed at important airports and other border points which facilitate in the scanning and verification of visa, passport and other documents while matching and verifying them from the database of potential criminals. It facilitates in monitoring the movement of different individuals across different destinations which enables them to track down efficiently when needed. At the same time, the intelligent scanning and detection machines and allied systems at border points enable the authorities to control smuggling of unlawful and dangerous items including explosives, weapons, drugs and other prohibited items.

AI is also playing active role in academic and research segments by enabling students and researchers to access advanced knowledge easily around the clock. Digital libraries, archives, online institutional portals and other resources have made it easy and instant to access useful data from across the world. Distant learning is much common now therefore students and researchers are now much relaxed to access their academic and research resources at any time and get in contact with their institutions and engage in their studies even from a distant place. Technology has also brought researchers from across the world close to each other to work in collaboration to find better solutions for the mankind.

To conclude artificial intelligence enabled technology has done a lot for the mankind and this journey will continue to bring transformational changes in every field of life to enhance our living standards with better and strong economy, better resource management, environmental control, improved health and food conditions, efficient production and stable social systems with smarter governments and policies which will benefits and strengthen the common citizens.


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